Camera poles at Camera House provide extended reach for capturing shots from unique angles. Perfect for aerial photography or getting a higher perspective, enhancing your creative possibilities in photography and videography.

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Camera Poles

Enhance your creative possibilities with a camera pole, selfie stick or camera boom from our popular collection.

Camera poles extend the capabilities of your camera or phone, allowing you to capture selfies with ease or to flip the camera around to capture your world with stability and precision.

The ability to create exciting new perspectives and angles and shoot more stable video makes selfie sticks and camera poles perfect for travel photography and vlogging.

Many camera poles, including our GoPole Reach Snap extension pole, feature a wireless shutter button on the grip so you can control your camera from your fingertips.

Our camera poles are made using high quality construction. The ProMaster Twist, for instance, uses an aluminum ball head and twist-lock mechanism to cater for heavier devices, while collapsing down to a very manageable size.

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