Stabilisers - Gimbals & Stabilisation

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Stabilisers - Gimbals & Stabilisation

Create professional-grade footage with the help of a camera stabiliser, also called a gimbal.

At Camera House, we stock a range of gimbals, tripods, and stabilisation accessories to help you capture sleek, Hollywood-worthy videos.

Acting like a support system for your camera, a gimbal absorbs vibrations and smoothes over any sudden jolts on behalf of the videographer.

Invest in a 3-axis handheld gimbal for your camera. This gadget controls three specific movements (tilting, panning, and rolling) designed to absorb every unexpected movement.

We have a range of stabilisers and accessories from some of the best brands to support your smartphone, GoPro action camera or heavy-duty DSLR.

Does your gimbal need some upkeep? We also have a collection of stabilisation accessories, including screw packs, aluminium alloy rods, and mounting plates to enhance your shooting experience.

Browse our selection of gimbals and accessories today and pave the way for smoother filmmaking today.