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Create professional-grade footage with the help of a camera stabiliser, also called a gimbal. Camera and phone gimbals and stabilisers offer everything for the professional and the amateur. Camera stabilisers take smooth and steady footage in any environment by using motors and sensors. A gimbal acts like a support system for your camera and helps absorbs vibrations and smoothes over any sudden jolts on behalf of the videographer. Camera gimbals are designed to replace expensive and heavy video camera equipment with compact, portable and budget-friendly video tools. At Camera House, we stock a range of gimbals and stabilisation accessories to help you capture sleek, Hollywood-worthy videos.

What is a camera stabiliser or a camera gimbal?

A camera stabiliser is a device that helps keep your camera steady while you're shooting. This can be particularly useful if you're shooting in motion or in low-light situations, which can make it difficult to get stable shots. A camera gimbal is a type of stabiliser that keeps your camera level and stable. It can be particularly useful for shooting video, as it can help eliminate the shakiness that can occur when you're moving your camera around.

How does a gimbal work?

A gimbal works by using a series of motors and sensors to keep your camera level and stable. It can detect small movements and make adjustments in real-time, which helps eliminate the shakiness that can occur when you're moving your camera around. Some gimbals also offer additional features, like remote control capabilities or the ability to shoot time-lapse videos.

What are the benefits in using a gimbal?

Using a gimbal can offer several benefits, including:

  • Smoother, more stable shots: A gimbal can help eliminate shakiness and ensure that your shots are smooth and stable.
  • Better control: A gimbal can give you greater control over your camera, allowing you to make more precise movements and adjustments.
  • Improved range: A gimbal can help you achieve shots that would be difficult or impossible to get with a stationary camera.
  • Increased power: Some gimbals offer additional features, like the ability to shoot time-lapse videos or control your camera remotely.

Is a gimbal stabiliser better than a selfie stick?

While both devices can be useful for taking photos and videos, a gimbal stabiliser is generally considered to be a more powerful tool. A selfie stick can help you extend your reach and take selfies from different angles, but it won't necessarily help you achieve smoother, more stable shots.

A gimbal stabiliser, on the other hand, is designed specifically to help eliminate shakiness and ensure that your shots are smooth and stable.

Do I need a gimbal for the iPhone?

Whether or not you need a gimbal for your iPhone depends on what kind of shots you're looking to achieve. If you're just taking basic photos and videos, you may not need a gimbal. However, if you're looking to achieve smoother, more stable shots, a gimbal can be a useful tool. It can help eliminate shakiness in vlogs and helps ensure that your shots are smooth and professional-looking. Plus, many gimbals are designed specifically for use with the iPhone, so you can find one that fits your device perfectly.

Discover Camera Gimbals from Leading Brands

The Zhiyun Tech Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is perfect for smartphone photography, which has various shooting modes, such as timelapse, motion lapse, hyper lapse, slow-motion, and wide-range lapse.

Another great option for smartphone photographers is the FeiyuTech SPG2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabaliser. This gimbal can operate for up to 14 hours with wide tilting and rolling angle.

A more professional option is the Zhiyun-Tech Weebill-S Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser which offers more advanced features with upgraded motors and stabilisation algorithm for better balance the camera.

To meet shooting demands in a wide range of scenarios, DJI RS 2 Pro Combo Gimbal Stabilizer is an optimal option that features excellent stabilization with upgraded structures and performance.

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