Viewfinders at Camera House offer a clear and accurate way to compose your shots. Through these optical or electronic devices, frame your scenes and capture moments with precision and creativity.

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Shop Viewfinders Online at Camera House

Expand the capabilities of your camera with an external viewfinder designed specifically for your camera. An external viewfinder is perfect for a camera lacking a built-in viewfinder, giving you the ability to view your scene clearly, even in bright sunlight. These auxiliary viewfinders are a great way to preserve your camera battery by limiting the use of the LCD. External viewfinders attach to the camera hot shoe and provide brilliant lighting and clear viewing.

Features of External Viewfinders

Electronic and live view viewfinders also come with innovative features you’ll quickly come to love, such as adjustable viewing angles, magnification, and image data display. Make sure you find a viewfinder compatible with your camera body. At Camera House, we have external viewfinders for Canon, Nikon & Panasonic cameras. A digital, or electronic, viewfinder is a real time view of what the camera’s imaging sensor is seeing. Electronic viewfinders might be fitted to compact cameras and mirrorless cameras, and are essentially exactly the same as what the LCD Live View screen shows.

The Best Viewfinders For Your Camera

Our range of quality viewfinders are great additions to your camera kit. The top viewfinders include:

  • Canon EVF-DC2 Electronic Viewfinder: Offering the ability to shoot at eye-level with cameras lacking a built-in viewfinder, the EVF-DC2 Electronic Viewfinder from Canon is an external EVF for select EOS M-series and PowerShot cameras.
  • Sigma LVF-11 LCD View Finder for FP Camera: A great addition to your camera accessories, this viewfinder attaches to the camera via the included BPL-11 Base Plate. It is an optical finder that mounts to the rear of the camera body to deliver a 2.5x-magnified view of the camera's LCD screen. This finder's design shields stray light for improved viewing conditions and is suitable for manual focusing applications.

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Shop our complete selection of external camera viewfinders for your compact or mirrorless cameras online today and get flat-rate delivery across Australia. Find the perfect view finder for your needs at Camera House!