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Capture dynamic projects with Timelapse & Construction Cameras. Document progress over time, from construction to completion, with high-quality imagery. Perfect for construction companies and project managers, these cameras offer continuous monitoring, remote viewing, and invaluable insights into the evolution of your ventures.

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Buy Timelapse Video Cameras at Camera House Australia

Capture incredible long-term photographic scenes, document your construction projects, or analyse environmental changes with a durable and reliable time lapse camera. A great way to track your progress on outdoor projects, a time lapse camera can be recorded at the rate you want and played back as soon as you’re done. Just set it and forget it.

At Camera House, we have a range of time lapse cameras with an impressive array of features, including low light and night-time recording, high-quality image capture, wide-angle views, long-lasting batteries, and weather-resistant housing.

Looking for a camera to monitor the comings and goings? Consider a surveillance camera instead. Or if you’re after a dash cam, we also have a selection of in-car cameras. A time lapse camera is great for capturing special moments and creating projects that make an impression. Record a nature time lapse, capture the progress of your construction project or make memories from a family occasion with a time lapse camera. Our collection of time lapse cameras are easy to use, compact and affordable solutions to capturing the perfect time lapse! Our top picks for time lapse cameras include:

  • Brinno BCC200 Time Lapse Construction Camera Pro Bundle: if you love creating mesmerizing time-lapses, this camera kit is what you want. The TCL200 flaunts a 1/3”, 1.3MP High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor and is weather resistant. 
  • Brinno TLC120 HDR Time Lapse Camera: this is a splashproof time lapse camera with an aperture of F2.0 and a 112-degree field of view, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This small camera allows you to do a lengthy job process and wrapped it up in a fast, short video. 

What is the purpose of a Timelapse Camera?

A timelapse camera is used to capture a series of images over a set period of time, which are then combined to create a time-lapse video. The purpose of a timelapse camera is to show the passing of time in a condensed and visually interesting way.

How does a Timelapse Camera work?

Timelapse cameras work by taking a series of photos at set intervals and then stitching them together to create a video. The camera is typically set up on a tripod or mount and left in position for a long period of time to capture the desired footage.

What are the different types of Timelapse Cameras?

There are different types of timelapse cameras available on the market, including standalone timelapse cameras, DSLR cameras with timelapse capability, and smartphone apps that can be used to create timelapse videos.

What are the key features of Timelapse Cameras?

Key features to consider when looking for a timelapse camera include image quality, resolution, power source, housing, and field of view. Other important features to consider are the range of features, price, and software for editing and processing the footage.

What should I consider when buying a Timelapse Camera?

When buying a timelapse camera, consider the purpose of the footage you want to capture, the duration of the project, and the location and lighting conditions. It's also important to consider the camera's battery life, mounting options, and compatibility with other equipment.

How do you get good results from a Timelapse Camera?

To get good results from a timelapse camera, ensure that the camera is mounted securely and positioned correctly. Make sure the camera has a clear view of the scene, and that the interval between shots is appropriate for the duration of the project. Editing and processing the footage with software can also help to enhance the final result.

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