Brinno BCC200 Time Lapse Construction Camera Pro Bundle (TLC200P)

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The technical details behind this camera

If you love creating mesmerizing time-lapses, this camera kit is what you want. The Brinno BCC200 Time Lapse Construction Camera Pro Bundle has a whole range of other applications, too. For example, as an owner of developing property, if you want to keep an eye on the project, this kit is perfect. It captures all the essential details while giving you the option to quickly review the footage as and when required.

All you have to do is set the time-lapse interval and set the camera to record – this may run into days, weeks or even months. However, whenever you come back and give it a quick look, you have all the data captured, right there. .

Before we begin talking about the impressive features of this kit, here’s what’s in the kit – the TLC200 Pro time-lapse camera, weather-resistant housing and a clamp mount. Let’s have a look at the features of this kit.

Top three reasons we think you will love this camera
  • The camera runs on four included AA batteries. If you opt for a time-lapse interval of 2 seconds, while selecting the ‘daylight’ mode, the batteries will capture around 240,000 images. This means your camera will function well for five days. You can alter the time-lapse interval and adjust it as required to make the batteries last longer.
  • The TLC200 model features a powerful and large sensor. Thanks to this feature, the camera has the capability to deliver impressive, clear and bright imagery in all lighting conditions.
  • The camera also flaunts a powerful storage capacity, with the presence of a 32GB SDHC card. If you opt for only the camera, it normally comes with a 4GB card. However, if you choose this bundle, you get an 8GB card instead. Another reason to opt for this kit!

Shooting And Focusing Performance

The TCL200 flaunts a 1/3”, 1.3MP High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor. This helps produce great shots with high contrast and clarity. Even in challenging lighting conditions, such as those at night, the camera is able to deliver consistent imagery. When compared to normal CMOS sensors, this sensor can capture a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. This sensor delivers accurate replication and representation of subjects in the frame.

It also features a 1.44” TFT LCD screen, which allows for exact targeting of subjects and precise framing of scenes. You also have a range of options such as timestamp, which you can activate if you wish to.

Quality And Reliability

The camera has a strong body, but the kit also includes the Weather Resistant Housing from Brinno to make sure it is weather-resistant. The waterproof design protects your camera from all extreme weather while offering easy access to controls. The case is transparent, which allows you to monitor the water-tight seal as well as the camera. The housing also features a built-in, flat lens port that does not distort the image and maintains the clarity of the lens.

Package Includes:
  • 1x HDR TimeLapse Camera
  • 1x Dustproof weather resistant housing
  • 1x Industrial-grade aeronautical aluminum alloy clamp
  • 1x Bungee cords

Our expert's opinion

This kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful timelapse. It is sturdy and tough and delivers just what you require – crystal clear imagery. All this comes at a cost-effective price, making this kit worth the investment!
Megapixel1 Megapixel
Memory CardSD/ SDHC/ SDXC Memory Card
Tilt ScreenNo
Dimensions64x 46x 106 mm