Is 4k Really Better than 1080p?

man holding video camera setup

It isn’t easy comparing specs for different cameras to make sure you find the perfect camera for your needs. But if you’re an avid videographer, one of the most important specs you’ll be looking at will be the video recording capabilities: Full HD 1080p vs 4k (or even 8k these days). 
These terms crop up whether […]

Sony Alpha 7 IV Review & Features

Everything you need to know about the Sony Alpha 7 IV

The Sony Alpha 7 IV is a game-changer when it comes to mirrorless cameras. One of the most exciting camera releases of 2021, photography enthusiasts are on the edge of their seat in anticipation for this camera launch.

Fitted with improved colour reproduction accuracy and […]

How To Master Food Photography – Tips & Best Cameras

Have you ever wondered how you can best capture the essence and deliciousness of your food, using photography? Follow our quality tips & tricks to learn how you can entice others through the beauty of food photography! 

We all know that poor food photos are a turn-off… As something that is unappealing to the human eye […]

The Best Cameras for Kids

child holding camera

Children love taking photos, whether they’re six or sixteen… After all, your smartphone is probably filled with silly photos of your kids, right? Giving a camera to your children can be a great way to spark their imagination, unleashing their creativity within their images. 

There are an extensive number of cameras on the market suited towards […]

Best Film Cameras For Instagram

Tips and tricks for shooting Instagram photos with film cameras

Following Instagram’s introduction in 2010, we have seen a great development in the quality of photos shared on the platform. Initially, we relied on smartphones to take our social media images, often resulting in pictures of low quality that were blurry and pixelated. However, fast forward […]

Nikon Z fc Review & Features

Experience endless benefits to your photography game with the Nikon Z fc

There’s no doubt that you’ve experienced the Nikon Z series of mirrorless cameras at some point, after all it is a highly sought out camera range for passionate photographers. Available in a range of stunning colours:

Nikon Z fc camera in natural greyNikon Z fc […]

Canon EOS R3 Review

Everything you need to know about the Canon EOS R3

Are you looking for a professional camera that has been equipped with the right technology needed to advance your action photography? Look no further than the high-performing Canon EOS R3. 

The Canon EOS R3 camera has been designed with increased technological advancements, best for shooting fast-paced objects […]

What are Medium Format Cameras?

Everything you need to know about Medium Format Cameras

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the endless benefits that the use of a medium format camera can have on the outcome of your photography. We are going to  highlight some of the many reasons that they’re becoming so popular amongst professional photographers and those that […]

Nikon D7500 Review

Nikon D7500 camera

The Nikon D7500 is a compromise between its predecessor, the discontinued D7200, and the high-end Nikon D500. It inherits many of the features of the flagship D500 but has a more affordable price tag to suit beginner or enthusiast photographers.

First released in 2017, the D7500 is going strong as an all-rounder mid-level camera. Sure, it […]

Rundown of the Sony A7 III – Sony A7 III Review

Experience the endless benefits that the high-performing Sony A7 III has on your photography game:

No doubt that you’ve heard of the Sony A7 III; after all, it is a top camera pick amongst passionate photographers! This new Sony model offers a range of advanced features, allowing users to take their photography to the next level. […]

Canon R6 Specs and Review

Canon EOS R6 camera

Looking for a camera that will deliver amazing image quality, superior autofocusing, and exceptional speed? The Canon EOS R6 has a lot of best-in-class features that make this a powerhouse camera. 

The Canon R6 is a small step down from the Canon EOS R5 but has a lower price point to match. And while it has […]