How to Sell Your Photos and Become a Pro


For passionate, burgeoning photographers, the idea of turning this amazing hobby of photography into a money-making venture is a dream come true. And affordable, high quality digital cameras have made it easier than ever to take professional-style photos.
If you’re thinking about monetising your photography, there are two broad pathways you can follow: 1) sell your […]

How to Troubleshoot Common DSLR Aperture Problems

aperture in dslr lens

A mirrorless or DSLR’s aperture can be a tricky thing to handle. The aperture is the part of the lens that opens and closes during exposure, controlling how much light hits your DSLR’s sensors.
Mastering your aperture can give you far greater control over your photos. But what happens when your aperture isn’t working as you […]

Your Essential Guide to Surveillance Cameras

surveillance camera on wall

Once upon a time, home surveillance was something reserved only for the homes of A-list celebrities and millionaires. Surveillance systems involved complicated setups that required professional installation and simply weren’t worth it for everyday homeowners.
But that’s all a thing of the past. Thanks to improvements in technology, anyone can buy and set up a surveillance […]

What Cameras Do Professional Photographers Use?


No doubt you hear the term ‘professional camera’ brandished about like a selfie stick. But what does this really mean? In a world where smartphones can produce feature-length movies, professional photographers can use a huge variety of cameras for stunning results.
However, there are still cameras and accessories that are favoured by professional photographers. And this […]

What You Need in Your Photography Studio

essential photography studio equipment

Although environmental photography can produce some stunning results, sometimes you just need a good photography studio to give you far better control over lighting and background.
But when it comes to building your studio, it can be tricky to know what studio equipment you need. While it may be tempting to stock everything, it’s best to […]

Understanding Lens Accessories

When you’re just starting to build your essential camera kit, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of lens accessories out there. How do you know which accessories will transform your photography and which are – for now at least – unnecessary?
Here, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the lens accessories you might come […]

5 Adventurous Cameras to Take Backpacking

backpacker with camera

Picking the best camera for backpacking or hiking can be tricky, but it’s so important you get the right travel camera for your needs.
Buy a DSLR that’s too bulky and you’ll end up leaving it at the hostel. Go for a budget compact camera and you may be disappointed when you want to blow your […]

Your Guide to Understanding Power Banks

portable charger beside laptop

With improvements in technology, we use our devices more than ever before. Our phones help us to navigate, share our adventures, listen to music, take photos, and so much more. Our tablets enable us to watch Netflix and shop online.
Sometimes, our gadgets just can’t keep up with us. And when that happens, the batteries fail […]

Love Your Camera Battery: 7 Tips to Extend Its Life


Few things in life are as annoying as a camera battery that loses its charge or dies at just the wrong moment. It’s one of the things that every camera enthusiast – amateur or professional, Nikon or Canon users, smartphone or DSLR advocates alike – can agree on.
And until technology develops a truly everlasting source […]

5 More Great Australian Photographers

Australia is a photographer’s paradise: the red dirt expanses, the landmarks, the diaspora of terrains and landscapes, the melting pot of captivating animal species, the wealth of architectural delights.
But whether this is cause or effect, Australia produces amazing photographers too. From emerging talents portraying everyday life in urban sprawls to innovators producing incredibly creative photography, […]