Everything You Wanted to Know about Micro Four Third Lenses

micro four thirds lens for mirrorless camera

Although still relatively new to the photography world, Micro Four Thirds systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking for a lightweight, compact, yet professional camera.
Yet many people still know very little about Micro Four Thirds lenses. In this post, we’ll answer some of the most popular FAQs and provide our personal lens […]

The Sports Photography Equipment Every Beginner Needs

photographer with telephoto lens

Sports photography can be a fun niche to get into. But it’s also one of those types of photography that require good quality equipment. You’re shooting difficult subjects that are always on the move and often far away. You need to plan your shots ahead of time, get in the right spot for the photo, […]

5 Reasons to Visit Our Photo Print Shop


At Camera House, we tend to focus more on our quality cameras and accessories than our photo print shop. This article aims to buck that trend and share the love with our photo shop services too.

A Camera House canvas wrap hung in a family living room
1.    Quality printing services
Having been in the photography business for […]

7 Iconic Photojournalist Images that Changed the World


With the number of photos being taken these days, it’s hard to believe that the first photograph was taken less than 200 years ago.
Times sure have changed. And photographers have been there to chronicle the very essence of these changes – the elation and sorrow, beauty and intrigue, glory and frailty – that have left […]

9 Signs You’ve Over-Processed Your Photo

a laptop on a desk open to Lightroom software

It’s easy to get carried away with editing. Post-processing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop are so innovative that you can feel almost powerful over your own photography. There are so many ways you can improve your photos through editing.
A simple slider can transform a dull, colourless photo into a vibrant image or a dark photo […]

12 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Sports Photography

empty running track

Sports photography is arguably one of the harder types of photography to master. You’re dealing with unpredictable play, fast-moving subjects, erratic light conditions, and so much more.
In some ways, sports photography asks you to contradict common photography rules. And to become a true pro, you need to understand not just photography, but the rules of […]

4 Important Scenarios for Using a Prime Lens

50mm prime lens

Not long ago, we gave a complete overview of prime lenses that covered exactly what they are, the different types available, and how they can improve your photography.
Prime lenses are different from zoom lenses in that they have a fixed focal length; you can’t zoom in and out to change your composition. While that […]

Mirrorless Sensors Explained: Full Frame, APS-C & Micro Four Thirds

a man holding a sony full frame camera

Mirrorless cameras have changed the game of photography – and improvements in technology mean many people are now replacing their DSLRs with these more compact cameras without compromising on quality.
But when you start shopping for a mirrorless camera, it can quickly become confusing because different mirrorless cameras come with sensors of different sizes.
The most […]

Get Inspired with Instagram: The Best Cameras & Accounts

someone uploading photo of bridge to instagram

There’s no doubt about it, Instagram has become the new Facebook. Everybody is flocking to this platform to publish their holiday snaps or showcase some serious photography skills.
This is where you come to get inspired and be discovered. Want to up your Instagram game? Find out about the best cameras for Instagram and search for […]

The Essential Wildlife Photography Gear Every Beginner Needs

elephant in the wild

Wildlife photography provides an excellent opportunity for photographers to get out in nature. But the nature of wildlife photography means you need to have dedicated equipment to help you get the job done.
Since your subjects are unpredictable, flighty creatures, you need a quality camera up to the task of snapping with speed, along with an […]