Improve Your Low Light Photography without the Flash

lights emanating from buildings on canal

Camera technology has dramatically improved over the past decade, making cameras far better equipped to photograph low light scenes without flash. 
Used well, flash can introduce natural, warm light into the scene. But many times, especially when you’re using a camera with a pop-up flash without much control, the sudden burst of light can wash out […]

The Best Video Cameras for Every Scenario in 2020

Whether you want to record your child’s birthday party or an epic trip to Hawaii, a compact video camera or camcorder is going to get the job done with flare. 
The range of features video cameras now offer is extraordinary. And the footage you can achieve with a simple, palm-sized camera is exceptional. 
We’re talking incredible quality […]

Is 4k Really Better than 1080p?

If you’ve shopped for video cameras, cameras, or even televisions, you’ll have come across the terms “Full HD 1080p” and “4k”. 
These refer to the video resolution or the quality and detail in playback. 4k, also called Ultra High Definition (UHD), refers to the almost 4,000 horizontal pixels it has, whereas Full HD 1080p refers to […]

The Best Budget Compact Cameras in 2020

These days, many of us rely on our smartphone cameras to capture all our best moments. But there are times when those cameras will fail us. 
Smartphones aren’t equipped for long-distance zooms and with their smaller sensors, they simply won’t perform as well in low light scenarios. In these situations, nothing beats having a dedicated camera […]

The Best Stocking Gifts for Photographers

Christmas is quickly approaching and while you may have the bigger presents sorted, you might find yourself stumped when it comes to stocking presents.
This list is designed to help you come up with some fabulous stocking stuffer ideas for photographers. With everything we’ve listed below containing gifts for under $50, you’ll quickly find something out […]

Everything You Wanted to Know about Micro Four Third Lenses

micro four thirds lens for mirrorless camera

Although still relatively new to the photography world, Micro Four Thirds systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking for a lightweight, compact, yet professional camera.
Yet many people still know very little about Micro Four Thirds lenses. In this post, we’ll answer some of the most popular FAQs and provide our personal lens […]

The Sports Photography Equipment Every Beginner Needs

photographer with telephoto lens

Sports photography can be a fun niche to get into. But it’s also one of those types of photography that require good quality equipment. You’re shooting difficult subjects that are always on the move and often far away. You need to plan your shots ahead of time, get in the right spot for the photo, […]

5 Reasons to Visit Our Photo Print Shop


At Camera House, we tend to focus more on our quality cameras and accessories than our photo printing shop. This article aims to buck that trend and share the love with our photo shop services too.

A Camera House canvas wrap hung in a family living room
1.    Quality printing services
Having been in the photography business for […]

7 Iconic Photojournalist Images that Changed the World


With the number of photos being taken these days, it’s hard to believe that the first photograph was taken less than 200 years ago.
Times sure have changed. And photographers have been there to chronicle the very essence of these changes – the elation and sorrow, beauty and intrigue, glory and frailty – that have left […]

9 Signs You’ve Edited a Photo Wrong

a laptop on a desk open to Lightroom software

It’s easy to get carried away with editing photos. Post-processing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop are so innovative that you can feel almost powerful over your own photography. There are so many ways you can improve your photos through editing.
A simple slider can transform a dull, colourless photo into a vibrant image or a dark […]