The Essential Wildlife Photography Gear Every Beginner Needs

elephant in the wild

Wildlife photography provides an excellent opportunity for photographers to get out in nature. But the nature of wildlife photography means you need to have dedicated equipment to help you get the job done.
Since your subjects are unpredictable, flighty creatures, you need a quality camera up to the task of snapping with speed, along with an […]

6 Extraordinary Uses for Your 360 Camera

tiny planet made with 360 camera

It’s not surprising if you’re still uncertain about what a 360 camera can do. It’s among the more recent developments in camera technology. In essence, 360 cameras use two back-to-back fisheye lenses to capture 360-degree photos and videos.
Those times you can click on a video or still in Facebook and pan the entire surroundings? […]

The Best Cameras for Kids in 2019

child holding camera

Children love taking photos, whether they’re six or sixteen or using a smartphone or a DSLR. Your smartphone is probably already filled with silly selfies of your kids, are we right?
Giving your child a kids’ camera is a great way to foster their creative side and get them interested in photography. Below, we’ve listed the best […]

Prime Lenses: Absolutely Everything You Should Know Before You Buy

man holding prime lens

Once enthusiast photographers start delving deeper into their photography game, they inevitably start to look at alternative camera lenses.
Most photographers usually trade up to prime lenses, which offer improved quality over the zoom lenses that are typically offered as the standard kit lens.
But how do you know which prime lens you need and […]

Understanding Your Camera’s Focus Points

Camera focusing has changed drastically since the first cameras were released more than 100 years ago.
Today, photographers are gifted with autofocusing, thanks to the development of autofocus points.
Autofocusing allows photographers to focus on composition and lighting without having to worry about focus. But it’s also a great opportunity for more serious photographers to […]

Get Inspired with These 10 Epic Drone Videos

Thanks to drone technology, videography has really stepped it up a notch in the last few years. Now, we’re seeing the most stunning perspectives of the world rarely captured – birds-eye views of some of the most magnificent landscapes around.
We’ve brought together some of favourite drone videos from across the years to showcase just what […]

12 Tips for Incredible Drone Photography

road through forest in drone photo

With drone photography clearly becoming the future traveller’s camera of choice, it’s going to be harder to get your photography to stand apart from the crowd.
Learning to fly a drone AND take impressive shots is no easy feat. So in this article, we’ve brought together some of our best drone photography tips and techniques […]

Take Incredible Shots with These Phone Photography Hacks

taking sunset photo on phone

These days, many people opt out of owning a camera in favour of using their smartphone camera alone. It’s understandable – smartphone camera technology has improved drastically in the past decade.
But it can be harder to create those enigmatic shots that are on par with an interchangeable lens camera. So here are some easy-to-apply and […]

What Are the Best Photography Jobs in 2019?

photojournalist holding camera

It’s estimated more than a trillion photos are taken every year, thanks to the advent of smartphone technology. Now, everyone’s a photographer. Thanks to social media platforms, everyone can publish their photos for the whole world to see.
That might put photographers at a disadvantage since there’s a wealth of photographs produced every day – and […]

How to Properly Pack Your Camera Bag

camera equipment in flatlay

Regardless of whether you have a dedicated camera backpack or shoulder bag or whether you prefer to use your own everyday bag, a few good camera packing tips can make a huge difference to protecting your equipment in the long run.
In this post, we’ve listed some of our favourite tips and hacks to pack […]