7 Personal Photo Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching, and your gift shopping is ramping up, but there are still a few people who completely have you stumped. What do you get that person who seems to have it all? Or the person who insists on being given nothing at all? Be sure to view our Christmas Gifting 2023 page as well for a list of products on sale!

A personalised photo gift is ideal for that relative or friend who seems unphased by the holiday tradition of gift giving. No one can remain unmoved when you give them a portrait on their grandchild on canvas, a personalised family photo calendar, or a mug decorated with a picture of their beloved pet.

You’ve spent all year perfecting your photography craft. Liberate your photos from their digital format and print them in any number of creative ways.

Here are just a few of our favourite photo gift ideas:

1. A framed panorama from your holiday

Why not celebrate that incredible panorama photo you nailed this year by framing it and presenting it to your parents or grandparents?

Personalise it by presenting them their favourite landscapes or locations. That could be a city skyline or a mountain range. Or perhaps it’s a paradise location where you shared a memorable holiday today.

Be sure the photo maintains a high quality and little noise even at a decent size. Typical panoramic frame sizes are 16x28” but you can even order custom framing for that extra tricky size.

Learn more about our framing services at your closest camera house store.

2. Glass or metal art with a personalised print

Glass and metal prints are the latest thing, adding a dash of glamour and shine to an office or family home. Family portraits, close-up pics of the kids, and wedding photos all look great without the classic frame.

An original way to showcase the best photos in a contemporary home, these photo gift ideas print your personal images onto metal or glass backings to have a gorgeous sheen.

In metal art, photos are printed directly onto a high-quality aluminium surface using the latest digital technology, while glass art features photos printed onto the rear of a 6mm-thick bevel-edge safety glass.

Learn more about our metal printing and glass printing services today.

3. Photo blocks for a natural look

Metal and glass look great in a contemporary home, but what if you’re giving to someone who prefer more rustic décor? Why not print a photo on real photographic paper mounted seamlessly onto a wood block?

A gorgeous modern twist on the framed photograph, these gifts can be propped on any surface of the home in landscape and portrait formats.

4. Canvas prints and framed canvases

Another great option for the rustic home is a framed canvas. In fact, canvas prints work in any kind of décor. Choose a nude canvas print or turn it into fine art by printing your photo on canvas and wrapping it in a wooden shadow box for an elegant, thin wood frame.

Learn more about our canvas printing services.


5. Personalised mugs and stationery

Who doesn’t love a pretty mug on their mug? A face, we mean. You can get cool ceramic mugs with a personalised image that means something special to your recipient. Perhaps it’s a goofy picture of their pet or an adorable shot of their child.

Stick to a plain mug or give a novelty mug that only reveals the photo when the mug fills with hot water. They’re not into hot drinkers? Another option is a personalised stubby holder.

Complement the gift with some other cool photo-stamped accessories. Why not pair a mug with a personalised mouse mat? Or a stubby holder with a personalised keyring and fridge magnet. There are plenty of options!

Learn more about our personalised photo gift ideas.

6. A personal photobook memoir

If you have the time, why not create a truly personal photobook for your recipient. It could follow any theme - each page representing a year of their life, or a photobook documenting the past year's adventures. Or you can make it about the experiences you've had together. Really, the options are endless.

Choose from hardcover or softcover varieties or even a simple flipbook and get it delivered to your door to make it as hassle-free as possible.

Learn more about our personalised photobook services.


7. Personalised Christmas cards and tags

We love this idea. Instead of going with the stock standard Christmas cards of Santa Claus and snowflakes (ill-fitting for an Aussie Christmas!), make it personal with your own handmade photos.

You can create holiday-themed greeting cards through our Print Shop or if you have the time, you can go DIY.

All you need is some card stock bought from your local crafts store and some digital prints of your photos (which you can order through Camera House).

For those far-flung relatives, it’s a treat to receive personal family portraits to place on the mantel. But for those closer to home, you can really get creative by taking macro portraits of typical Christmas regalia for more artsy greeting cards.

Learn more about our personalised greeting card services.

Start shopping with these personalised photo gift ideas this Christmas 2023!

Got some great ideas to cover the last of the family and friends on your Christmas list?
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