Elevate your audio recording with Camera House's Microphones. Capture pristine sound quality for podcasts, music, and videos, ensuring your creative projects resonate with professional clarity.

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Up your filming game and capture crisp audio with a professional external microphone.

Here at Camera House, we have a range of different microphone models to suit every kind of filming scenario.

Shotgun mics are perfect to use with mirrorless and DSLR cameras and provide excellent sound quality when your subject is relatively still. They’re also ideal for outdoor shooting in windy conditions.

For broadcasting, walk-and-talk filming, or instructional videos, a lavalier microphone will help capture the presenter’s voice clearly. Wearable lav mics can be placed much closer to the speaker, eliminating unnecessary background noise.

Whichever external microphone model you need, you’ll have plenty of high quality options to choose from. Our microphones come from the best brands, including RØDE and Canon.

Check out our selection of external microphones, headphones,and other audio equipment for your camera today and enjoy flat rate shipping across Australia.