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Alison Crea

My name is Alison Crea and I live in Melbourne with my husband and 9 children. I am a self-taught enthusiast photographer and I enjoy all genres of photography but particularly HDR, landscape, macro and high speed photography but would describe myself as an "allsorts" photographer.   I enjoy a challenge whether for competition or just fun, and I compete in a lot of themed competitions/challenges on both Facebook and Flickr.  I usually am photographing something a few times a week and enjoy learning new techniques.


I bought my first DSLR back in 2009 to take better photos of my children and soon started photographing anything and everything. I won Canon Photo5 in 2010 for my 5 image portfolio and was a finalist last year. I received a highly commended for 2 of my images in the World Photography Organization Sony Awards the same year. I joined my camera club in 2012 (last year) and was awarded with photographer of the year and image of the year.


I have won Friday Photos a couple of times and been a runner up in the top 10 many times. I have had a couple of my HDR images with a brief tutorial published in a NZ photographic magazine in an article by Jackie Ranken. I have a few ongoing series of photos that I am constantly working on. My "Red Balloon" series is perhaps my most popular followed by my series on the HO scale "little people"


I am an active member of a few Facebook pages and groups and have made lifelong friendships with other photographers. I am always willing to help others where I can.

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