What are the Benefits of a Mirrorless Camera?

Mirrorless cameras are steadily rising in popularity. As their technology improves, many professional photographers are opting for these cameras over DSLRs. 

But just what makes the mirrorless camera so popular today? Featuring large sensors, interchangeable lenses, and manual controls, mirrorless cameras offer many of the advantages of a DSLR but without the bulk. 

mirrorless camera next to coffee

They manage to maintain their smaller size by eliminating optical viewfinders and flip-up mirrors. Here are seven huge benefits of mirrorless cameras.

They are smaller

Almost without fail, the biggest factor you’ll consider when comparing mirrorless cameras with DSLRs is the size. 

fujifilm mirrorless camera in bag

Mirrorless cameras can be more compact than DSLR cameras because they don’t have a mirror box. These smaller dimensions make mirrorless cameras a great option for travellers short on space. 

Naturally the size depends entirely on the model you choose to buy. You can get petite micro four thirds cameras that are pocketable. Or you can get large full frame mirrorless cameras that aren’t all that different to a DSLR.

They are lighter

As with size, the lighter weight can also be one of the mirrorless camera’s most significant benefits.

man holding sony mirrorless camera

Without the heavy mirror box, mirrorless cameras can be lighter than DSLRs, relieving your shoulders and neck of the strain you get carrying around a heavy DSLR.

Once again, a mirrorless camera’s weight all depends on the sensor size. But a DSLR camera will typically weigh at least 300 grams more than its mirrorless equivalent. 

That may not sound like much but most photographers want to reduce weight as much as possible, especially if they’re likely to be out and about with their camera a lot. 

They are quieter

DSLRs make that telltale shutter sound that tells you when the mirror has swung up to admit light. 

Without a mirror, mirrorless cameras can be almost silent, depending on the mode you select. And they’re significantly quieter than DSLRs, which is a huge bonus when you’re photographing, say, a wedding ceremony or the interior of a cathedral. 

They have high quality electronic viewfinders

The live electronic viewfinders (EVFs) found on some mirrorless cameras have proven to be exceptionally handy. 

Replacing optical viewfinders on DSLRs, electronic viewfinders can provide a live preview of how images will be recorded. This means you can see and correct the results of exposure and white balance before you actually shoot. This is particularly handy for long-exposure night photography.

The top brass of mirrorless cameras come with impressive OLED displays for their viewfinders, which deliver high resolution and a bright, detailed scene. 

electronic display on sony mirrorless camera

Even better, you can often customise screen info, enable a magnified view to help you manually focus, or show a live histogram while you’re adjusting settings. 

Electronic viewfinders are hugely beneficial for videographers because they actually work! The optical viewfinders in DSLRs are virtually useless, whereas EVFs continuously show the scene while you’re recording. 

They’re unassuming and non-threatening

Unlike DSLRs, mirrorless cameras don’t look so professional and daunting. This often makes portrait subjects more relaxed and natural.

They’re also handy when you want to subtly capture street photography or sights where professional cameras are typically forbidden or require a permit. 

More autofocus points with a greater spread

Because there’s no mirror in the way, mirrorless cameras tend to have a higher number of focus points, which can be spread across the whole frame. 

This is a special advantage of mirrorless cameras, meaning you have much greater control over which area of the frame you want to focus on.

Is a mirrorless camera the right camera for you?

There are plenty of reasons to love mirrorless cameras but whether it’s the right camera for you comes down to how you plan to use your camera. 

Camera House has a huge selection of mirrorless cameras from entry-level to advanced models. Why not visit us at your nearest store to get expert advice on which camera is best for your needs?