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Buy Camera Mounts and Tripod Clamps at Camera House Australia

If you're a photographer or videographer, then you understand the importance of having a steady shot. From suction cup mounts, and chest mounts to wall mounts for action cameras, GoPro cameras, smartphones or digital cameras.

We also have a range of camera mounting brackets and clamp mounts to secure your camera to a tripod or monopod with ease. Perfect for landscape photography to reduce camera shake, we have camera mounts compatible with virtually any camera.

What are the best ways to stabilise the camera?

Camera stability is essential for capturing high-quality videos and photos. The best ways to stabilise your camera are to use a tripod or mount, steady your camera with your body, or use a stabilising device like a gimbal or glidecam.

What are the different types of mounts for cameras?

There are many different types of mounts for cameras, including suction cup mounts, clamp mounts, handlebar mounts, helmet mounts, chest mounts, shoulder mounts, cage mounts, and more. Each mount has its unique features and is designed to help you capture the perfect shot.

Do pictures look better with mounts?

Mounts can help stabilise your camera and provide more versatility in your shots, which can improve the quality of your pictures and videos. However, whether or not pictures look better with mounts depends on the photographer's skill and creativity.

What are the different mounting methods?

There are several different mounting methods, including screw-in mounts, quick-release mounts, mounting brackets, and camera brackets. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and it's essential to choose the right mounting method for your specific camera and shooting situation.

Are camera mounts universal?

No, camera mounts are not universal. There are many different types of cameras, and each camera has its unique mounting requirements. It's essential to choose the right mount for your specific camera model and brand to ensure a secure and stable fit.

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