The 5 Best Compact Cameras You'll Love

A midway point between a smartphone camera and a mirrorless, the compact digital camera still has its place in 2020.

Whether you’re looking for a compact camera for your travels, a model with the best zoom, or something that can perform in low light, the latest compact camera models can easily hold their own. 

As you’ll come to see with our list of the best compact cameras for 2020, these point-and-shoots pack a tonne of features you'll wonder how you ever did without.

Which compact camera should I buy?

1. The perfect all-rounder: Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 Mark VII 

sony rx100 mark vii compact camera

A camera with numerous strengths, the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 Mark VII delivers far more than its compact size would suggest. 

A powerful 20MP one-inch sensor complements an incredible autofocus with 357 phase and 425 contract AF points. The Real Time Eye AF mode will prove particularly handy by continuously tracking faces and eyes before you’ve even pressed the shutter button. 

Add to that the versatile wide angle to telephoto 8x zoom range (the equivalent of 24-200mm) and it’s hard to find any objections to this camera.

Other notable features? The retractable electronic viewfinder is great for photographing in bright conditions while the tiltable LCD touchscreen is handy for shooting at tricky angles (not to mention taking selfies!). 

The 4K HDR shooting mode and in-built 3.5mm mic jack also makes this a great compact camera for video.

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2. Ricoh GR Mark III: An unbelievably small compact camera for street photography

ricoh gr iii camera

The Ricoh GR Mark III is a stealthy, versatile compact camera that’s so pocketable it’ll be the smallest and lightest camera you’ll ever use.

Its 24 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor packs a punch, but it goes a step further, providing you the ability to shoot in RAW for better editing. 

A variety of features make this a fantastic camera for street photography. To start, you have the sharp 28mm wide-angle fixed lens.

Then there’s the in-body image stabilisation that ensures you can take handheld shots at relatively slow shutter speeds without a tripod. Couple that with a Snap Focus option that ensures fast focus by forcing the camera to fix on a specified distance, and you're onto a winner. 

To cap it all off, it has WiFi connectivity so you can immediately share your snaps to the world.

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3. Your ideal compact camera for travel: Fujifilm X100F

fujifilm x100 f compact camera

A versatile point-and-shoot camera in an extremely pocketable format, the Fujifilm X100F is best known for its DSLR-quality APS-C sensor and its wide angle 35mm f/2.0 fixed focus lens. 

The lens contains an in-lens ND filter so you can leave your camera at a higher aperture for longer. And it won’t take you long to appreciate the 1/4000-second leaf shutter, which makes for an exceptionally quiet shooting experience. 

Finally, you’ll love the hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder, which eliminates shooting difficulties when there’s glare. The Fujifilm X100F is one of the best compact cameras out there for street and travel photography. 

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4. The best compact camera for video: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III 

canon g7x mark iii compact camera

What’s not to love about this Canon compact camera? One of the best compact cameras for vlogging and videography, the G7 X III records impressive uncropped 4K video and is equipped with a mic input and live streaming capabilities. 

Its pocketability makes this camera particularly great for travel videography and photography. Couple the video specs with the powerful one-inch 20.1MP sensor, bright 4x optical zoom lens, and tilting LCD touchscreen and you’ll want for nothing. 

Check out the video-friendly Canon G7 X Mark III today.

5. The ultimate full frame compact camera for low light shooting: Sony RX1R Mark II

sony rx1r mark ii compact camera

What a powerhouse this point-and-shoot camera is! One of the few compact cameras to boast a 42.2MP full frame sensor, the Sony RX1R Mark II outperforms any other camera with its low light capabilities. 

A superb ISO range and dynamic range means you can banish shadows in the darkest conditions. 

Pairing a sensor that large with a high quality fixed 35mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/2 lens, you can expect captivating, creamy bokeh. 

A beautiful camera model to handle, the Sony RX1R II comes complete with a tilting LCD display and a retractable electronic viewfinder. 

Want to get your hands on one of these beauties? Learn more about the Sony RX1R Mark II today.

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