6 Ways to Use Your Instant Camera Prints

We’ve become so used to our digital lives that sometimes we forget what we do with our hard copy items. Take instant cameras. You can’t share your print-out photographs on Facebook or Instagram. But we love our Polaroids nonetheless.

Looking for new ways to use your instant photo prints? We’ve done a bit of brainstorming to come up with some of our favourite ways to use your instant camera snaps.

Travel mementos

The thing we love about instant photographs is that they’re … well … instant. If you’ve ever ventured to an exotic country and mingled with the children there, you’ll quickly discover their joy at getting their photos taken and viewing them on your LCD display. Imagine being able to give them their own copies they keep.

Enjoying a homestay? What better than to give your host pictures of their family and your time with them as a departing gift?


Party props

If you’re throwing a big event, it can sometimes seem hard to manage the huge crowd and keep them entertained.

Instant cameras are becoming the thing to use at significant birthday parties, engagements and weddings. You can spend a few bucks extra to grab some amusing props and keep a scrapbook album close by to encourage everyone to leave a pic and a comment.

As a bonus, everyone has something they can take home with them at the end of the night – an adult version of a party favour.

Wallet photos

Some instant cameras, such as the Polaroid 300 and the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, produce pocket-sized snaps that are perfect for the wallet. Take a pic of your loved one or cherished kids and slide it into your wallet for safe-keeping.

This is a great option for the long-distance romance or the gap year traveller who’ll appreciate the reminder from home. These photographs also typically have a white rim that's the perfect size to leave a loving message.

Festive decorations

For an original idea, use your instant pics to create unique festive decorations. We love this idea from Katie Cupcake to make felt Christmas decorations with your Polaroid pics.

instant photos as christmas decoration

Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.

While you’re in the crafty mood, you can also turn your instant photos into a gift tag like no other. Decorate the white rim with pens or clever stitch work.

instant photo gift tags

Image courtesy of Instax.

Organising tools

We love methodical organising, especially when it’s something original. Instant pictures are a great way to organise your items.

Take photographs of the items in a children’s toy box so you know what’s there without having to rifle through the endless plush toys and racing cars.

Alternatively, declutter your wardrobe and beautify it at the same time by storing your shoes in their original boxes and sticking a Polaroid on the outside so you know what is where.

instant photos shoe box organiser

Image courtesy of Instax.


Finally, many of us love the idea of scrapbooking, but few of us actually get around to printing off the photos and sticking them in the album.

You’re already halfway there with instant camera prints. In fact, you can create the scrapbook as you go. If you’re having a baby, for example, the ultrasound print-out is a great starting point. Once your bub is born, you can bring out the instant camera and document his or her journey in real time.

Original wall display

Finally, why use an instant camera at all if you’re not going to display your pics? How about this idea to create an ever-changing display of your favourite Polaroids?

This idea is too simple. You just need some string and some mini wooden pegs to create your own photo wall display.


Image courtesy of Homedit.

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