Our 5 Favourite Sony Cameras for Video

Sony has consistently led the way when it comes to innovative mirrorless and bridge cameras. Now, the renowned camera brand has a stellar lineup of cameras made for video.

We’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best Sony cameras for video. These cameras are perfect for filmmaking and vlogging and will produce incredible 4K videos you can share on YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform. 

The Sony A7S Mark III

Easily one of the best mirrorless cameras around today, the Sony A7S Mark III is an impressive full-frame camera with incredible 4K video performance. 

The A7S III is the only camera in a compact size that can record 4K at 60p full-frame, without any crop, internally, in 10-bit 4:2:2, and without limitations on recording time. Phew.

A Sony a7s Mark 3 mirrorless camera for vlogging and filmmaking.

This Sony full-frame camera has an unparalleled new electronic viewfinder with over 9 million pixels, giving you a bright, detailed view of the scene. 

Some of the A7S III’s best work is when it’s paired with other hardware or programs. Used with the optional XLR microphone adapter, the camera can internally save four different audio channels. If you record externally over an HDMI port, you get 16-bit RAW video, excellent for high dynamic range production. 

The camera also pairs well with other programs for great high dynamic range production (HDR). 

The only big downside is that the camera can take just 12MP stills, making it better suited to videography alone. 

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The Sony A7 Mark III

The Sony A7 Mark III produces cinematic 4K video that works beautifully in scenes with wide shots or low light. 

The camera’s astounding high ISO produces little to no noise, while a full-frame sensor guarantees exceptional low light footage. The camera uses the full sensor with no crop factor when recorded at 24p or a 1.2x crop for 30p. 

a sony a7 mark 3 mirrorless camera on a white background

The A7 Mark III comes with plenty of recording modes and aids, including focus peaking and zebra exposure indicators. The S-Log mode is helpful with colour grading in post-production too.

In short, this is one of the smallest and most affordable full-frame cameras you can get on the market today!

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The Sony a6400

A lightweight camera with a 24MP APS-C sensor, the Sony a6400 is perfect for vlogging and YouTube videos.

A Sony a6400 camera, great for videos.

Several features make this camera a great choice for filming, including 4K video recording, Full HD recording at 120fps, and no recording time limit. 

A 180-degree tiltable touchscreen is a dream for self-filming. It's aided by a state-of-the-art autofocus system, Real-time Eye AF, and Real-time Tracking to help keep your videos in focus even when there's no one behind the lens.

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The Sony RX10 IV

The only compact camera on our list, the Sony RX10 Mark IV is a superzoom camera with a 1”-type sensor and a bright 24-600mm equivalent lens. 

A Sony rx10 mark 4 superzoom camera with lens extended.

The camera has a fast, reliable autofocus thanks to its on-sensor phase-detection system. Subject tracking, effective even when shooting at the camera’s maximum 24fps, also ensures your subject always remains in focus. 

With this camera, you'll have plenty of manual control with a dedicated aperture ring and exposure compensation dial. There are also mic and headphone sockets to make sure your audio is flawless. 

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The Sony a6600

A step up from the Sony a6400, the a6600 brings you 5-axis in-body stabilisation to keep your footage smooth and a larger battery so you can record longer.  

a Sony a6600 mirrorless camera with lens for videos

The Sony a6600 comes with a 24MP APS-C sensor, four customisable function buttons, two control dials, and a flip screen that can be raised into a selfie position. 

A powerful and reliable autofocus system tracks subjects quickly, helped by Sony’s Real-Time Eye and Tracking autofocus modes. Meanwhile, the oversampled 4K video produces rich detail. A great touch for serious videographers, the camera comes with mic and headphone sockets. 

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