Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Printer

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The technical details behind this printer

Today, more than ever, printing high quality imagery in a home office is part of daily life. And with the power and quality of the PRO-300, it’s even more convenient to deliver massive A3 professional quality results. And the great news is the space saving design wont dominate your office space to do it !

10 pigment inks and high speed printing

The massive array of available ink produces a very wide gamut of colour and tone, smooth gradations and excellent detail in the shadows. And it only takes approximately 4 minutes and 15 seconds to create a high quality A3 colour print with a border.

Space Saving Design

The iPF PRO-300 A3+ printer realises a smaller 639×368×196.5mm footprint and takes up less space in your home and work space compared to other professional printers.

Get creative with prints

The iPF PRO-300 comes complete with a skew correction function to guarantee that all types of paper, including thick paper, are printed without misalignment. It also supports a variety of paper sizes to help broaden creativity and offers borderless printing for all types of media, panorama size paper 594mmx210mm, user-defined long sizes up to 990.60mm.

Top three Reasons we think you will love this printer
  • Complements a design or office space with beautiful space saving design
  • Massive A3 prints delivered affordably and super fast
  • Incredible Canon quality

Our experts opinion

When convenience like this meets affordability and quality output, it’s hard to walk past this remarkable printer. If you are in a home studio where quality imagery makes a lasting impression. Check it out and enjoy your amazing photos in vivid colour. And create statement pieces that can be used for both professional and design purposes but also to sneakily impress your friends and family.