Canon Pixma PRO-200 A3+ Photo Printer

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The technical details behind this printer

Canon Pixma PRO-200 A3+ Photo Printer offers excellent image quality with new 8-colour dye inks. This excellent printer provides colour enhancement and higher black density with your valuable prints. It delivers faster high-grade printing, approximately 1min 30sec for an A3+ bordered colour print in standard mode. It comes complete with a skew correction function to ensure all types of paper including thick paper, are printed without misalignment. With its improved media compatibility, the Pixma PRO-200 allows you to use a range of photo paper surfaces and finishes up to 0.6mm thickness. This outstanding printer offers both efficiency and high-quality prints.

Great Connectivity

The PRO-200 offers connectivity to suit a wide range of usage. It provides three connection methods (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity). This feature will help you to print in all kinds of situations.

Smooth Integration

It features a flawless integration with your professional photo print workflow. The PRO-200 supports professional printing from image editing software such as Digital Photo Professional and Adobe® Photoshop®. It provides stronger connectivity solutions with your Canon EOS Camera.

Improved Compatibility

Offers creativity with diverse photo paper and size compatibility, the PRO-200 allows you to use a range of photo paper surfaces and finishes up to 0.6mm thickness. It expands the possibilities with panorama sized print compatibility and gallery wrap support.

Key features
  • New 8-Colour Dye Inks
  • Faster High-Grade Printing
  • Compact Design
  • Offers Three Connection Methods: Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity

Top three Reasons we think you will love this printer
  • Provide Excellent Quality Prints
  • Accurate Paper Feeding
  • Offers Efficiency and Great Compatibility

Our experts opinion

Canon Pixma PRO-200 A3+ Photo Printer is designed for excellence and efficiency. This printer expands your creative possibilities and narrows the gap between the representation of colours on the monitor and in print. The powerful features of PRO-200 makes printing more efficient and accurate.