Their mission is to make awesome photography easy, by making tools that get out of the way of being more creative. They believe photographers can better improve their craft when technology is no longer a mental barrier to feeling, seeing, and expressing. Photography comes from the heart, and behind every magical photograph is a perfect symphony where art and technology become one.

MagMod began with a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, after Spencer Boerup experimented with the idea of gelling flashes instantaneously.

After some tweaks and tests he launched MagMod (including MagGrip, MagGel and MagGrid) on the crowdfunding platform with a goal of $35,000. After one month they had raised $210,000!

Coming from a place of experience and knowing what photographers really need has meant MagMod has been able to help photographers improve their work with the help of their innovative products that remove any flash modifier headaches of yesteryear.

MagMod lets photographers fix flash issues on the fly, including colour with MagGel, or giving off softer light with MagSphere. Shop MagMod online at Camera House now!