Polar Pro

Polar Pro

Founded on the simple mission to improve the outdoor filming experience, PolarPro designs products to help you capture the most epic content possible. With headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, it’s team of action sport enthusiasts and cinematographers aim to develop products inspired by real experiences, that solve real problems. With a wide range of custom designed products, we offer the solutions you need to capture high quality content; wherever your adventures may take you.

PolarPro products have no limits. From snow-capped peaks to deep water dives, our products are guaranteed to endure any adventure you take them on.

PolarPro is headquartered in California, where a team of action sport enthusiasts and cinematographers work tirelessly to serve PolarPro’s mission. That mission is to improve the outdoor filming experience with expertly designed camera and photography accessories.

Their excellent accessories allow you to capture epic content in perfect quality, whether you are surfing, diving, hiking or climbing. Wherever you are, PolarPro has a range of products to upgrade your GoPro, as well as many other cameras and photography drones.

From expertly designed, hard wearing PolarPro Polariser and ND filters to the versatile PolarPro Powerpole, there is sure to be a PolarPro product for you in the Camera House online store.