Samyang, with its dear customers, aims to make constant breakthroughs and creative innovations based on its past history and accomplishments. While the competition for business continues to intensify, we seek hard to find our comparative strategic advantage, so as to establish Samyang as the leading brand in optical lens industry.

Founded in 1972, Samyang has been a well-known name in optic and photographic accessories ever since.

Samyang designs and produces quality camera lenses to fit a range of cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax, Samsung, Olympus and Panasonic.

If you’re looking for a new lens for your Compact System Camera or a specialty lens for your DSLR, Samyang has one to suit your camera needs, whatever the mount or type.

Samyang is proud of its years of breakthroughs, accomplishments and innovations. Samyang is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality lenses so they can focus on what matters most, capturing the perfect photo!