David Shen, the founder of Sky-Watcher, started pursuing his interest in optics design and star observing when he was 26, working as a polishing technician at a research institute in Taiwan.

It was a lovely summer night after work that the bright stars urged David to observe them with a telescope. After placing the telescope on top of the hood of his car, the view of the magnificent rings from the Saturn planet greatly moved David. That night was deeply engraved in David's memory since and constantly inspires him to live his dream:

Building High-quality and Affordable Telescopes for Everyone.

“In the past, telescopes are only available to few. But I hope that I could help more people gaze further.” David summarizes his dream. This dream gradually took shape when David established Synta factory for building optics in the 1990s. In 2002, Synta created the "Sky-Watcher" brand. Striving to its uttermost to improve product quality and reduce cost, Sky-Watcher continues to design and manufacture superior telescopes for enthusiasts worldwide.

“Innovate continuously, and always challenge your limits.” —as his simple motto suggests, David’s passion and love for astronomy have turned into a great source of creativity and pursuit of quality.

Skywatcher’s mission is to make skywatching accessible to everyone. The optics brand aims to make beginners’ first telescopes affordable, while also providing them with a high-quality product.

Skywatchers is passionate about stargazing, and aims to grow the community of skywatchers with their excellent products.

With a Skywatcher telescope, you will be able to see the magnificence of our universe. Gaze at the planets of our solar system. Marvel at the beauty of nebulae and clusters. Skywatcher telescopes are perfect for any beginner astronomer.

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