A comprehensive optical manufacturer, Kenko Tokina manufactures everything from binoculars and microscopes to filters and a full range of photographic and optical accessories. It one of the largest OEM speciality binocular manufactures supplies one of the world's leading brands. In the field of camera products and telescopes, it holds the number one share in Japan and many countries throughout the world. Kenko company is also a parent company of several other camera accessory companies.

For years Tokina has been a leading manufacturer of quality camera lenses. Their camera lenses fit with some of the world’s leading brands of cameras including Canon and Nikon.

Whatever your skill level or budget, Tokina lenses are perfect for your camera kit. Whether you are after an essential standard lens, or a specialty lens like a telephoto lens, Tokina has you covered.

Standard lenses will let you capture all the detail you can see with your own eyes, while a telephoto lens is great for photographers who want to get their start in action photography. Capture race cars in action, or get some close-ups of wildlife from a comfortable distance.

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