Uniden Australia Pty Limited and Uniden New Zealand Limited are part of the Uniden Corporation of Japan, operating globally in America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Since its establishment in 1966, Uniden has grown to be a global leader in wireless communications and a major global brand in consumer electronics.

With over two million wireless products produced every month and a cordless phone manufactured every 3.2 seconds, Uniden continues to bring outstanding products to people's homes throughout the world. With quality and innovation at the forefront of our activities, the company has developed to be a world leader in production efficiency and zero defects so that we can offer the best products possible.

You may recognise Uniden as a household name for home telephones, but the company is much more than that. Since 1966, Uniden has been producing high quality wireless communications products as well as consumer electronics.

The Japanese-based brand prides itself on being a global leader when it comes to creating innovative, flawless designs. Uniden is always working on producing the latest in sophisticated electronics.

Uniden manufactures a range of Uniden car dash cameras designed to help you record your journeys and any mishaps that may happen along the way.

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