ZEROTECH, founded in 2009 is one of the first companies to make rotary wing UAVs with nine years of experience in developing drones more than 1,000 algorithms for flight control, flight control, gimbals, cameras, image transmission, obstacle avoidance and computer vision.

Since 2007, ZeroTech’s mission has been to become the world’s leader in intelligent drone products. Zerotech’s innovations in intelligent drones has led them to provide drones for all sorts of projects, from safety and security to film and television projects.

If you have seen the amazing results that drones have had on the field of photography, you too can enhance your photography and capture amazing images using drone technology. Aerial photography used to be limited to those who could afford to hire an aircraft. Not anymore!

With Zerotech’s range of photography drones you will be able to get breath-taking images from a bird’s eye view. Browse ZeroTech’s range of drones, including Dobby drones and pocket drones, online now at Camera House.