Battery Adaptors

Camera battery adapters bridge the gap between different battery types and camera models, enabling versatile power options. Stay charged and ready to capture stunning visuals without limitations.

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Battery and Power Adaptors

Stay charged and connected whatever you are in the world with our great selection of battery
and power adaptors.

Don’t let charge stop you from capturing great memories or perfect shots by having an AC Camera Adaptor on hand so your camera is always ready to go. At Camera House, we have your battery and power needs covered.

Wherever you go in the world, we’ve got a travel power adaptor to connect to the power plug you need.Korjo and Jackson supply a range of single and double adaptors for Europe, Japan, USA, UK, South Africa and more.

Charge everything at once with a multi-battery adaptor and you’ll never be held back by flat batteries again. Check out the Sony NPAMQZ1K Z Series Multi Battery Adaptor Kit.

Shop Camera House’s range of battery and power adaptors online today to enjoy fast, flat-rate delivery Australia wide or Click and Collect at a store near you.