BlackRapid was founded by Seattle photographer Ron Henry in 2008.

After years of shooting the Seattle music scene, weddings, and other dynamic environments, Henry created a strap where the camera hangs upside down securely at the photographer’s side, ready to maneuver into position at a moment’s notice. When ready to take a photo, the patented ConnectR allows the camera to quickly glide up the strap and into shooting position.

Today, BlackRapid is a multi-million dollar company, and the premier camera accessory brand offering products designed to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of consumer and professional photographers.

Since 2008, BlackRapid has established itself as a premier camera accessory brand. It made a name for itself after its founder, photographer Ron Henry, designed an innovative strap to make cameras more readily accessible when you’re out and about, so you don’t miss a shot.

Today, the US-based brand designs products to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of photography for both amateur and professional photographers.

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