8 Quick & Helpful Tips To Better Holiday Snaps!

1. Before you go, ask your nearest Camera House store to service your camera. This is the best way to make sure you get the best possible shot every time!

2. With photos for family and friends include an instant reminder of where the photo was taken. Capture a famous landmark or street or shop sign in your photo – that is if your camera doesn’t have GPS Tracking

3. Beware the trap of distracting backgrounds. Yes, include the Eiffel Tower behind your friends, but make sure it is not growing straight out of their head.

4. Try different and unusual angles. For example – shoot a large subject from a low angle to project its height.

5. Your camera is no use when left in the hotel room. Take it everywhere you go. You never know what might pop up and an opportunity might be lost forever.

6. A small tripod is invaluable… for breathtaking sunsets and low light scenic photos or to use the Self Timer and get yourself into the photo.

7. Pack spare batteries! This can be a huge mistake especially for those people holidaying in remote areas where access to electricity is minimal.

8. Get a great bag/case… Making sure your camera and accessories is safe at all times is a must.

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