5 of the Greatest Cameras for YouTubers

Buying a video camera to create YouTube videos isn’t the same as buying a normal camera. If you want the best quality for your vlogs, you’ll be needing to think about image and audio quality as well as the usual things: budget, battery life, portability, etc.

The type of camera you’re looking for depends on the type of video you want to film. Travel and adventure vloggers will need something compact and lightweight, while beauty bloggers will want something with quality audio and sharp optics. Below we’ve listed a few options to suit everyone.

These days, you can get good quality videos from all kinds of devices, including the age-old DSLR favourites to action cameras, mirrorless cameras, and even smartphones. Read on to find out our top 5 camera recommendations for vlogging.

1. Canon 750D

canon 750d

The Canon 750D is a fantastic entry level DSLR that boasts the ability to record up to 1080p in its EOS Full HD Movie mode. That means you can expect nothing but fantastic quality videos in MP4 format, making it a favourite among YouTubers.

The rotating touchscreen LCD display will prove helpful for beauty vloggers, while the Wi-Fi capabilities make it easy for you to instantly upload your videos to YouTube.

Another great feature for the Canon 750D is the Canon exclusive Video Snapshots, which enables you to record 2-, 4- or 8-second videos.

2. Canon 80D

canon 80d for youtube videos

The Canon 80D has a powerful autofocus, which makes it one of the vlogging community’s favourites. It can lock in on a single subject in a busy scene, thanks to its 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and Dual Pixel AF.

You can expect full HD 1080p recording with the option of 60 fps, and an ISO range of 100-16,000. The DIGIC 6 image processor and noise-reduction technology makes it perfect for shooting vlogs in any lighting conditions.

A bonus for those who need to film themselves is that the 80D has a reticulating, touch screen display that can rotate 270 degrees vertically and 175 degrees horizontally. Perfect for beauty vloggers!

3. GoPro Hero5

GoPro Hero5 Action Camera

The GoPro Hero5 is packed with plenty of high-end features, including a 12-megapixel camera recording 4K video at 30 frames per second (or 1080p at 120fps).

For the first time in a GoPro, you’ll also get professional-grade electronic video stabilisation so your action videos will look smoother than ever.

It’s ideal for travel vloggers thanks to its compact size, Wide Dynamic Range mode, and water-resistant body to 10 metres. It’s also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessible.

4. Sony DSC-RX100 IV

Sony RX100 M4

The Sony RX100 Mark IV offers many of the features of a DSLR in a smaller compact camera. You’ll love the flip-up display, the efficient autofocus, and the superb image quality.

You can enjoy many of the things you’d expect from a higher end camera, including 4K video, slow motion and ambient noise cancelling (to eradicate noises such as the wind or traffic).

5. Canon G7X Mark II

Canon PowerShot G7 X II

The G7X is a long-time favourite among vloggers, with the Mark II upping the ante on video functionality. This is one of the best compact cameras for vloggers.

There’s the flip-up screen, fast autofocus, fast lens with Optical Image Stabilisation, manual controls, WiFi capabilities, and a touch screen.

What’s new is the improved battery life, which lasts 25% longer, while there’s also reduced noise at high ISO, making it great for low-light recordings.


Vlogging is a lucrative business these days, but if you want to get anywhere, you want to be sure you’ve got the right equipment. Shop online at Camera House for our full range of cameras and camera accessories today to get one step closer to your YouTube star goals!

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