Image Archiving & Preservation – Keeping Your Images Safe

What is Image Archiving and Why is it so Important?

There’s no doubt that you’ve questioned at some point how reliable your photo storage system is. Or maybe it’s that job that you’ve been meaning to get around to but never quite find the time? 

Whether you are a professional photographer or you simply enjoy catching life’s moments, it is essential that you have an effective archiving approach to preserve every memory. 

Image archiving allows you to relive precious memories and preserve your images for future generations to come. There are many options for how to preserve your memories; whether you print your images and store them in photo albums, or use a digital hard drive to access your photos for years to come. In a world that relies on technology, it is vital to have a well established backup method for your images.    

Image Archiving will give you peace of mind to ensure all of your photos are safely stored. At Camera House we offer a range of different storing methods, providing everyone with an individualised solution that works for you. Visit us in store today or make an inquiry with one of our expert team members online.

Tips and Tricks for Image Archiving

Organise your Image Archiving by date or occasion

Organising your images into sub-categories, such as month, year or occasion is the most effective way to manage your image archives. Organising your images by date not only allows for simplicity when locating memories, but it also allows you to look through memories in a periodic manner. A perfect way to spark nostalgia!

Use a naming system when storing photos digitally

A naming system is commonly incorporated amongst professional photographers who have a high volume of images. It allows images to be easily accessed through a simple search. You might create a set of formulas used for each photo, such as ‘month_year_location’ which builds an easily recognisable search description for your images. This is a simple yet effective method for users who need to find their images regularly as it only requires a quick search.

Use the same method consistently when organising your photos

Despite how structured your image archiving system is, it won’t be successful without consistency. The use of various methods will often leave users feeling confused and in turn cause more harm when trying to locate your photos.

Top Products and Services for Image Archiving

G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile USB

The G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile USB offers users convenience in a highly advanced manner. The 4TB device has a large capacity and fast transfer rates, experiencing speeds of up to 140 mbps. 

The stylish hard drive is both portable and highly durable, making it a great option for an overseas holiday or the adventurous photographer. Thinking of purchasing a digital storage system for your next big overseas trip? Visit us in-store and learn of your many options.

Photo Prints

Nothing guarantees the future like a hard copy print of your images. At Camera House, we assist you in creating your own albums with our in-store printing service. Through our pick up in-store or deliver to home option, we create convenience for customers in image archiving.   

Personalise your prints using a range of design options, including image borders, print finishes and colour enhancements. At Camera House we also offer a range of photo printing services that go hand-in-hand such as our canvas prints, photo books and calendars, to name a few. Our in-store services include a number of methods to keep those precious moments with you forever.

Photo Books

A printed photo book is the perfect way to present and preserve you images and showcase to friends and family. At Camera House, you can easily create a photo book online and get it delivered to you. Use the easy online photo book creator and make a gorgeous photo book to cherish for years to come.

Our photo books come in a variety of options including printable hardcover, printable soft cover and the option of a flip book. All 3 books offer a professional finish and the perfect showcase for all your great memories.

Keep a collection of delightful photo books on your shelf to create a lovely display to cherish.

Photo Scanning

TO preserve hard copy photos, photo scanning is a great option to keep your images digitally. Find a Camera House Store and ask about our in-store photo scanning services. We can help you with scanning and organising your hard copy photos into a coherent digital file. Don’t forget to bring your own storage device or purchase one in store.

Keep your delicate photographs alive digitally with photo scanning services from Camera House.

G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATD USB  3.0

The G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATD USB 3.0 is the perfect photo storage solution for those who need extra protection. Featuring a rugged bumper and a watertight drive compartment, the hard drive offers protection from shock, dust and pressure.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, the device has a storage space of up to 1TB. This device is suitable for photographers who often find themselves on the go and taking images in the natural elements due to its durable and tough build. 

Keep you memories safe on a storage device from Camera House. Shop a wide range of memory cards and storage devices from leading brands such as SanDisk and Sony storage.

Canon Pixma PRO-200 A3+ Photo Printer

The Canon Pixma PRO-200 A3 + Photo printer offers the ultimate convenience as it provides consumers with the flexibility to create their own prints and albums from the comfort of their home. Printing with an advanced image quality through colour enhancement and higher black density results, the printer is compact and easy-to-use. 

The technological advancements in the new Canon Pixma PRO-200 is the reason behind its’ popularity amongst photography lovers.

Professional Photo Archiving Services

Image Archiving is a completely individual process depending on your wants and needs! Have a chat to one of our friendly staff members at Camera House today, where we can assist you in finding the option that best works for you. 

At Camera House we have a variety of in-store products and services to help you create a photo archiving solution. Choose from our range of photo storage products or come in store with your images and experience our professional photo archiving services including:

  • Photo scanning
  • Photo printing
  • Photo books
  • Digital photo storage solutions
  • Digital photo storage organisation

Visit Camera House for Help With Your Image Archiving

Take advantage of Camera House’s knowledgeable staff in-store and online and ask them which Image Archiving method is right for you! Check out our shipping information online and enjoy flat-rate delivery Australia-wide, or check out our store locator to visit a Camera House store near you.

Camera House are you local experts when it comes to all things cameras, photography and image preservation. Find more helpful articles on the Camera House blog:

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