The Olympus Advantage – Olympus Camera & Lenses Review

At up to half the size and weight of other interchangeable lens systems, Olympus compact cameras and lenses deliver top-level image quality in an incredibly compact package, giving you the freedom to shoot photographs you always wanted.

The photographs you gave up on because your camera and lenses were too heavy to carry, photographs you missed […]

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

Everything You Need to Know About Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are quickly rapidly becoming known as the top of the range models for professional photographers! Built as compact system cameras, mirrorless cameras have the ability to capture crisp images without the complications of a bulkier DSLR. 

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

A mirrorless camera is a camera without […]

Looking for the Best Camera for Landscape Photography? Here Are Our Top 7 Picks.

An alpine lake in the foreground with snow-capped mountains beyond

Landscape photography makes up some of the most captivating photos in the world, from breathtaking mountains and green valleys to powerful oceans and bright cities.

Choosing the right camera for landscape photography doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’ve provided a list of ideal landscape camera features as well as our top picks to help you […]

Street Photography: Our Top Tips for Beginners

A New York street on a cloudy day

Street photography is a specific type of photography that documents normal, “real” life. In street photography, you’ll normally see candid shots of everyday activities and people.

Because of this, it’s often tricky to get perfect street photos – it’s all about the timing, the subject, and your composition.

Below, we’ve listed our top street photography tips to […]

What Is a Crop Sensor vs a Full Frame Camera— and Which Is Better?

The Nikon 50mm

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when buying a new camera is whether to buy a camera with a crop sensor or a full frame sensor. 

What is a Sensor?

A sensor is the rectangular component in the camera that reads and records the image according to the light coming through the lens. […]

July Monthly Favourites – Best Cameras July 2021

Our pick of the top cameras and accessories for July 2021. Discover the best selling cameras and accessories in July 2021. Elevate your photography with the highest quality equipment from Camera House.

Our Pick of the Hottest Cameras and Accessories for July

With such a huge range of new cameras and accessories out there, it can be […]

Polaroid & Instax Photography Tips

The Instant Photograph

Instant photography first gained its popularity in the ’40s when it totally revolutionised photography. Polaroid invented the first camera to develop the photo right before your eyes just seconds after the image is captured. For decades, people across the globe have used and cherished their instant cameras to capture memories. 

When the digital age […]

The Best NIKKOR Z Lenses for Nikon Mirrorless Cameras

A black Nikon camera from the side with a large telephoto zoom lens

The Nikon Z full frame mirrorless camera series has rightfully earned its place among the top mirrorless cameras on the market today. 

And while these cameras deserve all the accolades, the lenses you pair with your camera can make a huge difference to their performance. 

We’ve reviewed some recent releases in the Nikon NIKKOR Z lens range […]

What Cameras Do Professional Photographers Use?


No doubt you hear the term ‘professional camera’ brandished about like a selfie stick. But what does this really mean? 

In a world where smartphones can produce feature-length movies, professional photographers can use a huge variety of pro cameras with stunning results. But professional photographers still favour certain still cameras and accessories. 

Thinking of embarking on a […]

The 12 Best Canon Cameras for All Occasions

canon eos 5d mark iv

Canon has grown to become one of the most respected camera brands in the industry. The elite Japanese brand produces everything from its renowned DSLRs to high-quality mirrorless cameras and even simple point-and-shoot models. 

Given its legion of products, it’s not always easy to know which Canon camera model will work best for your needs, whether […]