Understanding Lens Accessories

When you’re just starting to build your essential camera kit, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of lens accessories out there. How do you know which accessories will transform your photography and which are – for now at least – unnecessary?
Here, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the lens accessories you might come […]

5 Adventurous Cameras to Take Backpacking

backpacker with camera

Picking the best camera for backpacking or hiking can be tricky, but it’s so important you get the right travel camera for your needs.
Buy a DSLR that’s too bulky and you’ll end up leaving it at the hostel. Go for a budget compact camera and you may be disappointed when you want to blow your […]

Your Guide to Understanding Power Banks

portable charger beside laptop

With improvements in technology, we use our devices more than ever before. Our phones help us to navigate, share our adventures, listen to music, take photos, and so much more. Our tablets enable us to watch Netflix and shop online.
Sometimes, our gadgets just can’t keep up with us. And when that happens, the batteries fail […]

Love Your Camera Battery: 7 Tips to Extend Its Life


Few things in life are as annoying as a camera battery that loses its charge or dies at just the wrong moment. It’s one of the things that every camera enthusiast – amateur or professional, Nikon or Canon users, smartphone or DSLR advocates alike – can agree on.
And until technology develops a truly everlasting source […]

5 More Great Australian Photographers

Australia is a photographer’s paradise: the red dirt expanses, the landmarks, the diaspora of terrains and landscapes, the melting pot of captivating animal species, the wealth of architectural delights.
But whether this is cause or effect, Australia produces amazing photographers too. From emerging talents portraying everyday life in urban sprawls to innovators producing incredibly creative photography, […]

Everything to Know About Camera Lenses


Camera lenses are arguably the most important part of your camera setup. They control the image projected onto your imaging sensor, acting like your eyes into the world of photography and ultimately shaping the photos you take.
A new lens offers such amazing potential and possibility, but choosing the best type of lens for your camera […]

The Portrait Photography Equipment You Need in Your Camera Bag

Portrait of a little girl

The power of portrait photography lies in capturing the personality and individuality of your subjects. Creative portrait photography takes plenty of practice, skill and patience. But, to some extent, it also comes down to what portrait photography equipment you’re using.
From cameras and lenses to studio lighting set-ups, here are the essential portrait photography equipment pieces you […]

Your Camera’s Autofocus Explained


Most photographers will be familiar with autofocus (AF), the system commonly found in modern cameras that helps you take crystal clear images with ease. On some cameras, it’s that amazing clarity you suddenly get when you half click down on the shutter button.
Understanding how autofocus works is crucial knowledge that can allow you to take […]

Choosing the Ultimate Action Camera


Action cameras allow you to capture and share all the heart stopping, adrenaline packed moments in your life with ease.
Whether you attach an action camera to your helmet as you paraglide over lush greenery or take HD video to chronicle your immense mountain climb, the compact quality of action cameras make them almost indispensable in […]

How Do Action Cameras Actually Work?


Action cameras somehow manage to cram in a lot of amazing functionality into a lightweight, compact body. It’s quite incredible how a camera like a GoPro HERO 6 can capture 4k and 1080p video with such stability and image quality.

Action cameras take the best elements of a point-and-shoot camera and packs it into a tiny, […]