The Top Cameras and Accessories for Your Product Photography Setup

photo studio with flashlights

Product photography is a growing business, especially in an age of websites and social media. You need stunning photos on social media to capture people’s interest, and crisp, sharp images on your website to best showcase your products. 

The best product photography setup

So what’s the ideal product photography setup? We’re about to go into detail on […]

A Guide to the Best GoPro Cameras – Which GoPro is Right For You?

gopro on tripod overlooking lake

Time and again, GoPro action cameras rank among the top action cameras. The brand has made a name for itself by consistently producing high-quality cameras. 

But with a long line of quality cameras in their range, which is the best GoPro to buy in 2021? While we praise the latest GoPro flagship model, the HERO9, there’s […]

The Best Affordable Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras in 2021

woman holding Canon dslr camera

Photography is undoubtedly rewarding, but as a hobby, it demands a decent investment. You’ll want the best camera, the best lenses, and perhaps a tripod or a camera bag. And that’s only to start. 

Fortunately, there are ways to keep the costs down. In 2021, there are plenty of high-quality and lost-cost cameras to choose from. […]

The Best Canon & Nikon Lenses for Portraits in 2021

a selection of nikon prime lenses

Your camera is nothing without a quality lens. This is even more the case in portrait photography, which often demands creamy backgrounds and high performance in low light. 

So what are the best lenses for portraits? Naturally, it all depends on the type of camera you have. So we’ve broken this post into two parts: our […]

What Are Megapixels & Do They Matter?

A large billboard in the desert advertising a hotel.

When you’re shopping for a new camera, one thing you’re likely to consider when comparing cameras is the number of megapixels the camera has.

It’s natural to assume that the higher the pixel count, the better the camera. But do megapixels really matter? It turns out they only matter if you plan to do certain things […]

The 5 Best Zoom Cameras of 2021

old camera with big zoom

Superzoom cameras, often called bridge cameras, feature the best of both compact cameras and mirrorless cameras. They’re lightweight and ergonomic but feature the best optical zooms of any compact camera.
They’re easy to use with smart automatic modes but still produce high-quality shots that will impress your family and friends. 
In 2021, there’s an impressive array of […]

The Best Gimbals to Stabilise Your DSLR, Mirrorless, or Smartphone in 2021

A black camera set up in a matching black gimbal

If you’re a dedicated videographer, you’ll soon want a gimbal in your camera kit. Gimbals or camera stabilisers help keep your camera level and suppress vibrations and camera shake so your footage turns out smooth and cinematic every time.
The best gimbals can adjust your camera’s position fluidly so your footage won’t suffer the disruptions that […]

What Is the Best Lavalier Microphone in 2021?

lavalier microphone on white background

What’s not to love about lavalier microphones? Easy to conceal, lavalier microphones, also called lav mics or lapel mics, can be clipped onto your subject’s clothing to isolate and record their voice. 

This makes them the better pick over shotgun microphones when it comes to interviews, conversational vlogging, conferences, or where the speaker needs more flexibility […]

What Is Macro Photography & How Can I Master It?

a close up of the purpose pollen on a flower

While it’s become far more accessible thanks to improvements in digital camera tech, macro photography still requires a particular skill set and special equipment if you want to capture the finest detail of the tiniest subjects. 

Yet mastering the art is hugely rewarding, helping you create captivating snapshots of the microscopic world around us – and […]

The 6 Best Slow Motion Cameras for 2021

Slow motion of water in glass

Slow motion footage enables you to capture incredible detail in a scene but you need technology to slow the action. Specifically, though it sounds like a contradiction, slow motion recording requires you to have a high speed camera. 

A high speed camera is capable of recording many frames per second so that more action is captured […]