Types of Memory Cards

types of memory card

With so many types of memory cards on the market it can be difficult to understand which card is best for your camera or mobile device…

10 Ways to Get Better Landscape Photos

light in landscape photography

10 quick tips on how to enhance your landscape photography skills

Understanding ISO: What Is It & How Do I Use It?

hands at concert

If you’ve done any background research on photography – whether on the Camera House blog or elsewhere – you must have come across the term “ISO”.
ISO is one of the most important pillars of photography, alongside Shutter Speed and Aperture. Master ISO and you’re one step closer to mastering your camera’s manual settings.
Yet there’s still […]

This Is Where You Should Go to Photograph Tasmania

tessellated pavement at sunrise

Tasmania is renowned for its wilderness, which makes it a favourite destination for photographers. Filled with rainforests, mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and so much more, Tasmania will offer you plenty of photo opportunities.
But how to narrow down your options is another thing altogether! Below, we’ve listed our favourite places to capture the essence of Tasmania.
1. […]

5 of the Greatest Cameras for YouTubers

Canon PowerShot G7 X II

Buying a video camera to create YouTube videos isn’t the same as buying a normal camera. If you want the best quality for your vlogs, you’ll be needing to think about image and audio quality as well as the usual things: budget, battery life, portability, etc.
The type of camera you’re looking for depends on the […]

Avoiding Red Eye and Other Camera Flash Problems

Overexposed woman

Flash is a necessary aspect of photography. As soon as natural light begins to dim, your flash can be a lifesaver. But there are a lot of drawbacks and problems that can occur when using a camera flash.
From red-eye and glare to obtrusive shadows, there a lot of camera flash problems that can ruin your favourite […]

Using Negative Space in Photography

group of hikers in snow

There are many different ways to introduce creativity into your photography. But negative space is one creative photography technique that’s often overlooked.

What Is Negative Space in Photography?
Negative space, also known as dead space or white space, describes the area around the main subject of an image. It’s usually a simple, abstract background that helps your main […]

How to Choose The Right Compact Camera For You

boy with compact camera

There are so many cameras to choose from these days, looking for the right camera for you can be a bit daunting.
There are simple point-and-shoot cameras, pro compact cameras and cameras that bridge the gap between compact and DSLR cameras.
Whether you need a new camera to replace an old one, or you’re looking to step […]

7 Super Useful Video Recording Tips for DSLRs

clapperboard half open

If you have been looking for the opportunity to try your hand at filmmaking, you don’t need to save up for an expensive digital video camera.
These days DSLRs can be just as good as a dedicated video camera, with added versatility. Many DSLRs can shoot in Full HD, and a select few even shoot in […]

Photographing Your Kids = Child’s Play

child playing in water

The most honest and endearing images of our children are usually taken when they’re left to their own devices.