Two exciting new DJI handheld stabilisers announced in Las Vegas

DJI reveal the exciting new Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S handheld camera stabilisers at the 2018 CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Osmo Mobile 2 will be available for pre-release from February 2018, and the Ronin-S will be launching in the second quarter of 2018. If you’re interested you can secure yours at or in […]

Why Photographers Love Leica

leica m camera

Leica has consistently maintained a reputation as the world’s best lensmaker, while its M series cameras have reached a status that can only be compared to Rolls Royce or Rolex.
And even though Leica has struggled to match other camera brands for their digital technology, every photographer still proclaims Leica to be the golden egg […]

How to Photograph Seascapes

man standing on beach

Seascape photography can be as varied as the coast itself. Wherever the earth meets the sea, you’ve got the opportunity to capture a wide variety of landscapes, from those perfect blue tropical scenes to stormy skies and crashing waves. Given all these possibilities, you can also create some pretty dynamic images.
Much of what you photograph, […]

The Best Gimbals to Buy for Your Device

woman holding gimbal for smartphone

If you’re a dedicated videographer or photographer, you’ll be wanting a gimbal in your camera kit. They’ll do wonders for your footage, helping to keep it smooth and undisrupted wherever you are.
Gimbals, also called stabilisers, help keep your camera level and suppresses vibrations to ensure sleeker footage.
A gimbal keeps your camera focused on your subject […]

Introducing DJI: The Products We Love

dji drone

For years, DJI has been a pioneer in high-end drones. These days, their drones are among the best options for aerial photography. They make the perfect gift or the ideal treat for the avid photographer.
DJI stocks a range of drones to cover every budget and every need, from the DJI Spark for amateur photographers looking […]

Answering Your Common Camera Shutter Problems

up close camera shutter

The shutter is an important element of the exposure triangle. And mastering it is an important step in becoming a great photographer. But what do you do when your shutter starts misbehaving?
Shutter issues are a common camera problem for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Below, we’ve outlined two of the most cited shutter problems by camera […]

5 Amazing Apps for Photographers

woman taking photo at cafe

While here at Camera House, we’re strong advocates of the professional camera, there will always be times when you find a fascinating subject and you’ve only got your smartphone to hand.
Thankfully, there’s an increasingly large range of photography apps that will help you improve your camera photos. Below, we’ve listed some of our personal […]

The 5 Best 4K Video Cameras We Recommend

Sony FDRAX53 4K Digital Video Camera

The introduction of 4K video to the video recording world is going to transform movie-making as we know it! Although 4K is relatively new technology, it is quickly becoming the best option for video cameras.
Shoot in 4K and you’re getting some four times more detail than Full HD. Bring your movies to life with the […]

How to Troubleshoot Common DSLR Under Exposure Problems

using nd filter for landscape

Do you take multiple photos of amazing subjects, only to find when you transfer them to your computer screen that they look dark with indistinguishable details? These images could be underexposed.
Underexposed photos are those that appear too dark, with only the brightest components of the photograph easy to make out.

So how do you correct this […]

The Panasonic LUMIX G9 is here!

The Panasonic LUMIX G9 has been created to truly inspire the enthusiast photographer, with a stellar lineup of best-in-class features that deliver incredible responsiveness, stunning image quality, precise operability and outstanding mobility.
Panasonic continues to be the leading driver of innovation in the mirrorless category with the LUMIX G9.  The camera delivers fastest-in-class burst shooting at 20 […]