7 Super Useful Video Recording Tips for DSLRs

clapperboard half open

If you have been looking for the opportunity to try your hand at filmmaking, you don’t need to save up for an expensive digital video camera.
These days DSLRs can be just as good as a dedicated video camera, with added versatility. Many DSLRs can shoot in Full HD, and a select few even shoot in […]

Photographing Your Kids = Child’s Play

child playing in water

The most honest and endearing images of our children are usually taken when they’re left to their own devices.

Our Favourite Photography Locations in NSW

Homebush Bay Shipwreck

New South Wales is littered with breath-taking sites. From architectural marvels to natural wonders, there is plenty to see. Whether you’re sightseeing in Sydney, or hiking through a stunning national park, you’ll want to take your camera to capture the magnificent beauty New South Wales has on offer.
Below are some of our favourite photography locations in […]

Choosing Your FujiFilm Instant Camera: Which One to Pick

Red Instax and tulips

There is just something about capturing a moment and printing your photo that can’t be beaten. Sure, digital photography has its own draws, but instant photography will always have a special place in our hearts.
People of all ages and skill levels are excited about instant photography. Kids love it, and professional photographers still use it.

FujiFilm […]

The Ultimate Action Cameras for Shooting at Night

GoPro Hero5 Action Camera

Action cameras are an exciting way to incorporate your love of photography into your action-packed life! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a nature-lover, or just a major photography nerd, an action camera is the must-have device.
The entire point of an action camera is its versatility. What’s the point of an action camera that only works […]

Photographing Waterfalls: A Snapshot from Somersby Falls

Waterfall photo with waterdrops in the top left corner

Waterfalls are a favourite subject of many photographers. This is because of the wide range of ways you can effectively capture the beauty of such a natural phenomenon.
You can capture the serenity and tranquility of a waterfall and stream, or the breath-taking power of the rushing water.
This handy waterfall photography tutorial will assist you in […]

Excellent Camera Bags to Protect Your Photography Gear

Lowepro Pro Runner RL X450 AW II Rolling Bag

Photography isn’t the cheapest hobby, with your photography gear often costing you upwards of a grand for the good quality stuff. But that’s why it’s so important to protect your camera, lenses and photography accessories with a camera bag.
A good camera bag won’t only have room for your DSLR and lenses. It must also have […]

The Best Landscape Photographers from Around the World

Trey Ratcliff photograph

The best landscape photographers are not only artists, they are explorers. Some of these landscape photographers travel the world in search of the most breath-taking sunset. Others appreciate the beauty in their own backyard.
Truly great photographers inspire, so whether you are a professional, or an amateur looking for direction, these amazing landscape photographers will help […]

Which Instant Film Camera Should I Get?

Lomography Lomo Instant Sanremo Camera

There are a lot of reasons to purchase an instant camera, but one of the best reasons is because they are so much fun!
There are so many Polaroid cameras to choose from, and some really great Fujifilm instant cameras. So, what’s the best instant film camera to buy?
Well, it depends on your price range and […]

The Top Cameras to Take on Your Travels

Your big adventure is just around the corner, your excited and busy getting prepared. With all the magnificent sights and sounds that await you, you probably want a camera that can capture the excitement of your journey.
Whether you are after a reliable action camera, or a DSLR, there are many exciting options and a range […]