Photography Trends We Predict for 2017

With so many technological advancements in photography in the past few years, 2017 is shaping up to be a photographer’s dream. From impressive photography techniques to amazing technology, these are some of our favourite photography trends that are sure to take off in 2017.

360° Photography

Aisha – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Arguably the biggest trend to hit social media has been 360° photography and video. It’s possible this year you’ve seen news events covered using a 360° camera, since many news organisations have been fast adopters of this recent tech.

As virtual reality headsets have become more common, consumer 360° cameras are becoming a must-have for any enterprising photographer.

These cameras capture everything around you. Reflective of our times, they’re purely a digital trend, since you will find it hard to print such an image. But they work wonders online, with their interactive nature really engaging your audience.

360° cameras like the Nikon KeyMission capture amazing images. They’re the perfect addition to a travel photography kit as they will allow you to capture an entire scene in incredible detail.

High-Speed Photography

Strawberry splashing into some milk

High-speed photography is always impressive. So much can happen in the blink of an eye, and high-speed photography allows you to freeze that moment in time. Technology has come a long way, which means high-speed photography is now even more impressive and striking.

In 2017, photographers should try experimenting with high-speed photography. Combining it with other techniques like macro photography or black and white photography can give excellent results.

Interesting Lighting


Light has always been essential to photography. And creative lighting is a necessary ingredient for creative photography. In 2017 we encourage photographers to keep searching for unusual and imaginative lighting.

Create interesting shadows with multiple light sources. Or try illuminating your subjects with different coloured lights.  Don’t discount flash either, hard shadows give photography a modern, edgy feel.

Light trails are always stunning! Have your friends draw with sparklers, or capture beautiful images of fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Adventure Photography

Woman hiking

Action cameras have been around a few years now. As the technology becomes more affordable, more and more people are documenting their travels using one. The technology is getting even better, which means these days every photography should have an action camera in their kit.

Travel photography trends more on social media than any other kind. So if you want to inspire people with gorgeous photos or videos of your adventures, an action camera is your best option.

Intense Black & White

Black & White image of a building

With all the recent photography innovations, many of them listed here, you might find yourself wanting to go back to basics. Black & white photography is a great way to perfect your basic skills and create some striking images that focus on tone and texture.

Of course you can edit your colour images in post-production, but using filters and camera settings will allow you to grow as a photographer.

Drone Photography

Aerial image of the coast

No need to book an expensive helicopter flight – aerial photography has never been cheaper or more accessible! Drone photography is going to continue to trend as the technology goes mainstream. In 2017 you should give it go and capture impressive aerial images.

The higher end drones offer impressive results for people interested in investing a little more into this new and exciting field. There are so many uses for these new drones, whether you want to capture the city from a bird’s eye view or record impressive video of a day in the surf.

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