Polaroid Refurbished SX70 Type Model 1000 Vintage Camera White (No Flash) w/1 pk Film

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Everything you need to get started with instant photography, including an original, refurbished Polaroidâ„¢ SX70 camera, one pack of Impossible Color Film and an Impossible Frog Tongue already fitted to the camera. Note: the camera in this kit is in excellent working condition but may show slight signs of wear. It may differ in color or design from the depicted model. This Polaroid Refurbished Camera does not have an in-built flash, this means when taking your photos you must consider the lighting conditions you are in. For best results we recommend taking photos where plenty of light is available, such as a bright summer's afternoon. If shooting indoors or in low-light conditions, photos are likely to be very dark and can be blurry.
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