Step into the realm of classic photography with Camera House's film cameras. Embrace the timeless artistry of analogue photography and experience the tactile joy of shooting on film. Discover a range of formats and styles, perfect for those who appreciate the charm and authenticity of traditional photography, available at Camera House.

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Film Cameras

Are you looking to capture memories in a timeless and classic way? Look no further than Camera House's collection of film cameras. Our range of vintage cameras and modern digital film cameras offer a unique and personalized way to capture moments and create lasting memories.

At Camera House, we stock a collection of film cameras including instant cameras and disposable cameras. They are perfect for photographing holidays and special occasions. In recent times, film cameras have surged in popularity thanks to those looking for fast easy-to-create memories and the comeback of vintage-style photography.

What is a film camera?

A film camera is a type of camera that uses rolls of film to capture and store images. Film cameras range from vintage, manual models to modern, digital film cameras that incorporate digital technology for easier use and image processing.

What are the different types of film cameras?

  1. Instant cameras: A type of camera that prints photos instantly, often using peel-apart or integral film.
  2. Rangefinder cameras: A type of camera that uses a rangefinding mechanism to measure the distance between the camera and the subject, allowing for precise focus.
  3. Point-and-shoot cameras: A type of camera that is easy to use and designed for casual or amateur photographers.
  4. SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras: A type of camera that uses a mirror to reflect light from the lens to the viewfinder, allowing the user to see exactly what the camera sees.

Why choose a film camera over a digital camera?

Film cameras offer a unique look and feel to your photos that digital cameras often cannot replicate. Film photography also forces you to slow down and think more about each shot, resulting in more intentional and thought-out photos.

What are the most popular film cameras?

What isn’t there to love about using old-school instant cameras? Fujifilm and Polaroid have resurrected the instant camera with flair. Our top recommended film cameras include:

  • Fujufilm Instax Mini 11: This is a much-loved camera, easy to use and great for photographers of all ages! It also comes in many colours including purple, pink, blue and black. 
  • Polaroid Now+ i-Type Camera: A must-have instant camera featuring easy-to-use functionality and a unique vintage build. This camera also features Bluetooth compatibility and built-in flash!

These cameras may look like the instant cameras of old. But they pack an impressive array of modern features, from selfie mirrors and modes to timers and adjustable exposure levels.

If you prefer a throwaway film camera, we have rugged models from Kodak and Fujifilm designed to withstand any adventure. A great idea for kids learning photography, these cameras come preloaded with film and will deliver endless pleasure when you receive the developed prints. Out top picks for disposable film cameras include the classic Kodak Power Flash 35mm 27+12 Exposure which is the go to choice for film photography enthusiasts. 

Discover Film Camera  At Camera House

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