Canon 12x36 IS III - Image Stabilised Binoculars

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Product Details

The Technical Details Behind These Binoculars

This pair of binoculars from Canon is known for its impressive optical design, excellent stabilisation and solid magnification. The perfect accompaniment for adventure expeditions, this model is all the more apt for photographers – who require increased visibility, especially during outdoor shooting. Apart from a fantastic optical design, the binoculars have an ergonomic, sturdy build, which makes it easy to use them for long hours.

The Canon 12x36 binoculars have a powerful lens, which works as your optical aid, irrespective of the shooting conditions. It works just as well in the darkness and low lighting conditions as it does in broad daylight. Thanks to everything these binoculars offer, it is now an essential component of photography kits of top photographers across the world.

Top three reasons we think you will love these Binoculars

  • Canon’s accessories are always on-point – be it in design, structure or features. These binoculars are no exception, with a lightweight body loaded with a whole range of features. Despite its heavy-duty attributes, the binoculars weigh merely 660g.
  • The objective lens diameter is 12mm, and it offers a 12x magnification. With this feature, it is extremely easy to spot distant subjects during your photography expeditions. The powerful magnification ensures you wouldn’t miss out on any of them!
  • The layout of the binoculars is unique, easy to understand and super accessible. When shooting outdoors, you want accessories which are easy to use and handle. Canon has incorporated these very characteristics in the design of the binoculars, allowing you to use it effortlessly without fumbling.


The compact structure of the binoculars is its prime feature – it wouldn’t occupy a lot of space in your photography kit, which might already be full with other accessories and gadgets. The vari-angle prisms placed in between the front lens and the main prism enhances the quality of visibility this pair of binoculars offers. The Canon 12x36 model is an image stabilised binoculars, which compensates for hand-shake. This makes the lens the perfect choice for a long day of bird-watching or sporting events.

The Porro prism optical path provides a rich depth of field, which enables users to have a better judgement of distance between objects. The lens in the binoculars features a doublet field-flattener which corrects spherical aberrations, thus offering distortion-free views. The overall features of the binoculars offer a truly immersive observational experience.

Quality and Reliability

Along with the impressive image stabilisation, the lens also features Canon’s renowned Super Spectra multi-coatings. This not only protects the lens of the binoculars but also reduces light loss, thus improving image contrast.

The model is tough and suitable for usage in extreme conditions.

Our experts opinion

These top-notch quality binoculars are not only the best in its range but are also cost-effective. The Canon 12x36 OIS Binoculars come with a three-year warranty, making it worth the investment. Canon has built this model with great precision and thought, which is why every feature of the binoculars is on point. All in all, this pair of binoculars is perfect not only for photography but also for general usage.

Product Specs


Help, advice & price match

Help, advice & price match

We’re here to help, our expert staff will make sure you get the best possible support, advice and price.

Canon 12x36 IS III - Image Stabilised Binoculars