Canon RF 2x Extender Lens

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The technical details behind this accessory

Extend and expand your range of shooting with compatible RF lenses. With 9 lens elements in 5 groups, this RF extender adds an extra dimension to your telephoto game. Given the RF lenses this extender is designed to be compatible with are image stabilised, and the R5 and R6 that are ideal partners to these lenses offer in body stabilisation, many of the traditional hurdles around the use of teleconverters are reduced.

Expand the telephoto range

With the high resolution of the RF lenses, the RF Extender 2x can easily perform super-telephoto shooting by extending the focal length by 2x. High-precision AF using the EOS R's Dual Pixel CMOS AF and the lens's built-in IS can also be utilised, making full use of the performance of the master lens to expand the telephoto range. When paired with the EOS R5 or EOS R6 and their in body stabilisation you have a formidable combination.

High image quality

The RF Extender 2x achieves both high image quality and a smaller size with an optical design that utilises the large diameter mount and short back focus unique to the RF mounts.

Reliable design suitable for even harsh shooting conditions

. The durable vibration and impact resistant structure, and dust and drip-proof design makes it safe to use in even harsh shooting scenes such as nature photography and motor sports.

Top three Reasons we think you will love this accessory
  • Suitable for pairing with RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1, RF 600mm f/11, RF 800mm f/11 to dramatically increase their range
  • A great partner to the R series with in body stabilisation
  • Incredible Canon quality optics

Our experts opinion

When investing in one of the great telephoto lenses for the mirrorless full frame R series, it’s a small incremental cost to grab an extender and one that will pay massive dividends when you are looking for that extra range. And let’s face it that’s why we buy telephoto lenses for in the first place.