Cleaning & Protection

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If you’re an outdoors photographer, or are always on the go, you can often find yourself prone to getting your camera dirty or scratched. Protect your camera from further damage with Canon’s range of cleaning and protection accessories. Your camera lens requires plenty of attention, since a mucky lens will result in blurry, poor quality photos while dirt inside your camera can cause all sorts of problems. Keep your Canon lens protected from fingerprint marks, grime, scratches or smashes with a quality Canon lens cap. Or give your Canon camera the full TLC package by wrapping it up in a protective cloth. Canon has designed the cloth wrap to allow you to safely wrap up your camera in padded clothing with elastic straps to keep it all intact, safe and protected. These are ideal for travelers or those shooting outdoors, to avoid the nasty scratches you don’t want whilst photographing! Check out our huge range of camera cleaning & protection products online today at Camera House!