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Canon cameras come with a range of features that suit both amateur and professional photographers. Yet to really get the most out of your camera, it’s worthwhile investing in other camera accessories, including a Canon remote. If you like to take group pictures, want to pose for a picture yourself, or are interested in wildlife or night-time photography, consider adding a remote to your collection of accessories. A remote will help you take the selfie to a whole new level, but it always guarantees you’ll get crisp clear shots when you’re taking photos at low shutter speeds - no jolting the camera as you press the shutter! At Camera House, we offer a selection of Canon remotes so you can find the right product for your needs. A simple Bluetooth remote control would be ideal if you want to take group pictures during a family reunion. But you might want to invest in a remote switch with more advanced features such as a timer if you want to set up your camera for night photography. You can even find wireless remotes for Canon camcorders, and advanced wireless systems that let you snap pictures from 100m away. Explore our different remote accessories to find a product that corresponds to how you use your camera!