Tripods & Stabilisation

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Enjoy the benefits of having better stability for your camera with Canon’s range of tripod accessories. With more stability, you can shoot night shots or fast-moving subjects and still achieve crystal clear images. Or you can record perfectly stable scenes for your next project. You’ll love Canon’s tripod mount rings, adding stability to your camera and lens when you’re shooting landscapes or streetscapes. Tripod mount rings distribute weight evenly across your equipment by shifting the centre of gravity close to your lens. Canon’s range of tripod mount rings, tripod adapters and adapter bases are compatible with a range of Canon cameras. But be sure to check compatibility before you buy! Step it up a notch with Canon’s wireless pan cradle for camcorder. This enables you to pan remotely using your smartphone, reducing jolting and jarring. Browse our range of Canon tripod accessories online today to get the most out of your Canon camcorder or camera.