DJI Mini 3 (GL)

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Product Details

Technical Details:

Elevate your aerial photography experience with the DJI Mini 3 (GL), the latest innovation from the world-renowned drone manufacturer. Designed to be compact yet powerful, this drone takes your creativity to new heights, offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features. Whether you're a seasoned drone pilot or a beginner looking to explore the skies, the DJI Mini 3 is poised to redefine your perspective.

Product Type: Drones
Brand: DJI
Model: CP.MA.00000488.01
Colour: Grey
Weight: 1.029000
Manufacturers Express Warranty (months): 12

  • Ultra-Compact Design: Weighing in at just XX grams, the DJI Mini 3 is incredibly lightweight and compact, making it the perfect travel companion. Its foldable design ensures portability without compromising on performance.
  • Enhanced Camera System: Capture breathtaking moments with the upgraded camera system, featuring XX-megapixel resolution and XX-axis gimbal stabilization. Whether it's sweeping landscapes or dynamic action shots, the Mini 3 delivers stunning clarity and smooth footage.
  • Extended Flight Time: Enjoy extended flight sessions with the Mini 3's advanced battery technology, providing an impressive XX minutes of flight time on a single charge. This ensures you have ample time to capture the perfect shot without the interruption of frequent battery changes.
  • Intelligent Flight Modes: Experience seamless and intuitive control with the Mini 3's intelligent flight modes, including Point of Interest, Waypoints, and Follow Me. These features make it easy for both beginners and experienced pilots to capture professional-looking shots effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • OcuSync 3.0 Transmission: The DJI Mini 3 (GL) is equipped with OcuSync 3.0, providing a reliable and robust transmission system for enhanced connectivity. Enjoy a stable and clear HD video feed even in challenging environments.
  • Smart Return to Home: Navigate with confidence using the Smart Return to Home feature. The drone intelligently returns to its launch point, ensuring a safe and worry-free flying experience.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Fly with peace of mind thanks to obstacle sensors and advanced geofencing technology. The Mini 3 is equipped with intelligent sensors to detect obstacles in its path, reducing the risk of collisions.

Top Three Reasons Why We Think You Will Love This Product:

  • Portability Meets Performance: The DJI Mini 3 strikes the perfect balance between portability and performance. Its compact design makes it easy to take on your adventures, while the advanced camera system ensures exceptional photo and video quality.
  • Intelligent and User-Friendly: Whether you're a novice or an experienced pilot, the Mini 3's intelligent features and user-friendly interface make flying a breeze. Capture stunning shots effortlessly with intelligent flight modes and enjoy the convenience of automated functions.
  • Reliability Redefined: With OcuSync 3.0 transmission, extended flight time, and enhanced safety features, the DJI Mini 3 offers a reliable and secure flying experience. Trust in its cutting-edge technology to elevate your aerial photography and videography to new heights.

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We’re here to help

We’re here to help

Have a question or need some help? Get in touch. Our team of expert staff are her to make sure you get the best possible support and advice.

DJI Mini 3 (GL)