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Lighting Accessories

Great lighting can be the difference between an okay and a great shot. Light up the room to ensure you get the perfect shot with our range of Glanz lighting accessories at Camera House. From lighting umbrellas and camera rigs to shoulder mount rigs, we have you covered! We stock brand leader, Glanz, to enhance your photography without breaking the bank.

The Glanz Mini Pioneer series of studio lights are light-weight and affordable entry-level kits which are a great option for those wanting to explore photography umbrellas. Or check out the Glanz DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig Movie Kit RL-02 to shoot movies like a pro! It’s easy to impress your photography subjects with a professional photography studio with our range of lighting accessories and camera rigs.

Browse our entire range of Glanz lighting accessories to enhance your photography today! Shop online to enjoy flat-rate shipping across Australia or Click and Collect at a store near you.