Cleaning & Protection

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For the adventurous photographer, keeping your camera clean is a constant challenge. How do you protect your camera and camera lens from inevitable fingerprints, dirt, grime, dust, and scratches? The easy answer is, with GoPole’s cleaning accessories. A grimy camera lens can ruin a photography outing. Smudges or dirt on the lens can result in blurriness or white spots in your photographers, while dirt inside the camera itself can be a photographer’s nightmare. Keep your lens and camera clean with GoPole’s cleaning accessories, including the compact Lenspen - an invaluable addition to any camera bag. The lenspen is great for cleaning on the go. Simply clean the lens clean with the chamois cleaning tip, and then wipe away any remaining dirt with the retractable brush. Browse Camera House’s full range of cleaning and protection products, including from leading brands like GoPole, online today to protect your camera and enhance its longevity.