Battery Chargers

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To be caught out in the middle of a photography shoot is a rookie’s error! Always make sure your batteries are charged with Hahnel’s range of battery chargers. Hahnel makes quality battery chargers that will ensure your DSLR batteries are boosted and ready to go! Hahnel provides battery chargers for a variety of brands, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus. The Hahnel Pro Cube charger can charge one to two batteries simultaneously. You can see your progress on the LCD display. There’s an integrated USB charger that can also charge smartphones and tablets. Or if you have a range of cameras of different brands, invest in a Hahnel universal battery charger (that can also double as a power bank). These are a great choice for your camera travel kit. Browse our range of quality Hahnel battery chargers to find the perfect charger for your camera and enjoy a longer lasting photo shoot today!