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Gain the freedom of movement you need for certain photo opportunities. Our line of Hähnel remote controls for major camera brands lets you step away from your camera to take pictures. Hähnel’s Captur line provides a remote control to operate your camera from afar. Operate the flash, too, with the included flash trigger. It’s wireless, so you're not tied to electricity. Photograph life in the rugged outdoors. Are you taking time-lapse photos? Use the Capture Timer Kit to make your sessions smooth. Minimize camera shake with a Hähnel HRN 280 PRO remote. It lets you set the camera to autofocus as well as offers continuous shooting. A 2m cord connects your camera and the remote. Take your camera to places where you need to step away by using remote controls from Hähnel. Imagine photographing elusive wildlife instead of scaring them away with your presence. Like other top accessories for your DSLR camera, remotes make it easier to capture images and video.