Ilford Sprite 35-II Reusable Camera - Black & Silver with BONUS Ilford XP2 24 Film

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The technical details behind this camera

Ilford Sprite 35-II Reusable Camera (Black & Silver) is lightweight and compact, weighing 122 grams. It offers a fixed shutter speed (1/120s) with a 31mm, single element f9 fixed-focus wide-angle lens, ideal for capturing most well-focused daylight scenes, and offers a built-in flash with a 15-second recycle time for night shooting. The shooters can load the Ilford Sprite 35-II with their favourite film, whether it's colour negative or black and white, permitting them to take quick snapshots or moody monochrome scenes. The camera has a manual film advance winding lever to move through each exposure and rewind the roll when the film is finished. This Reusable Camera provides exceptional value and an authentic look.

Bonus Ilford XP2 24 Film

The Ilford XP2 24 Film offers great features. It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27°, however can be under-or overexposed in order to adjust contrast as well as the balance of grain and sharpness. When rated at ISO 400, the most neutral balance between a fine grain structure and high sharpness will be afforded. Its wide exposure latitude can be used to better control highlight and shadow values, as well as an expansive range of middle tones. On top of this, the XP2 Super is designed for printing on traditional black and white papers, with Multigrade contrast filters, as well as on RA-4 colour papers with maintained print colour neutrality. The XP2 is a high-speed chromogenic black and white negative film that can be processed alongside conventional colour negative films in C-41 chemistry.

Key Features
  • Shutter Speed: Shutter 1 / 120s
  • Focusing: Focus Free, 1m – ∞
  • Optical Lens: 31mm, F=9 , 1 element

Top three Reasons we think you will love this camera
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Film Format: 135 Film (24x36mm) ISO 200 / 400 / 800
  • Flash: Built-in Flash Push Switch – 15s recycle time