Kodak GC UltraMax 400 ISO 35mm 24 Exposure (3 Pack) - Colour Negative Film

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The Technical Details Behind Camera Film

The Kodak GC UltraMax 400 is a high-quality colour negative film that is fast and daylight-balanced. It offers great versatility in term of functions such as a wide exposure latitude, a fine grain structure and colours that are consistent and accurate. This film is excellent for portrait photography because of its optimised skin tone reproduction capabilities. Its vibrant colour palette makes it ideal for outdoor and general photography.

Top Three Reasons We Think You Will Love The Kodak GC UltraMax 400 ISO 35mm 24 Exposure (3 Pack) - Colour Negative Film
  • The film produces bright, vibrant and consistent colour tones.
  • It has a wide exposure range and a fine grain structure.
  • Ideal for portrait photography and for capturing the outdoors.


The first thing you are going to notice after getting your pictures developed is that their colours are almost true to life. The film can produce natural-looking green, brown and yellow tones, which means they work well with autumn and summer settings with trees and building.

You will be able to capture pictures with good contrast and sharpness if you use the UltraMax 400 during the morning and afternoon light. Under low-light, you can expect a bit of grain considering its ISO 400 sensitivity. However, the pictures will have good shadows and highlights, thanks to the high sensitivity.

The skin tones in your pictures may turn out to a bit yellowish if the picture is overexposed. The wide exposure latitude helps in compensating in case that happens. You can easily correct the yellow tones if you are capturing pictures at box speed and using a light meter with your camera.

Quality And Reliability

The Kodak GC UltraMax 400 ISO 35mm comes in a rolls 24 exposures. The films are developed using the regular C-41 process. They are designed to be processed using Kodak Flexicolour chemicals. The film has a DX code of 915373. The film has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27°. It is compatible with both enlarging and scanning applications.

The UltraMax 400 makes use of several Kodak proprietary technologies in its films. These consists of the optimised colour precision technology, antenna dye sensitisation technology, advanced development accelerators and advanced T-GRAIN emulsion technology.

Our Expert’s Opinion

The Kodak GC UltraMax 400 ISO 35mm film provides a rich, bright and highly saturated look to your pictures. These are perfect for you if you are into outdoor and street photography. They will help you capture the fast-paced action with vibrant colours that add a happy summer vibe to your pictures. The film’s ability to accurately reproduce skins tones also makes it ideal for capturing portraits and body shots. In general, you should use this film if you want the typical “film” look for your pictures.