Kodak One-Time-Use 35mm ISO 800 27 Exposure - Disposable Film Camera

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The technical details behind this camera

A compact, lightweight, the budget-friendly and functional camera is perfectly suited for travelling and outdoor photography. The Kodak One-Time-Use 35mm ISO 800 27 Exposure - Disposable Film Camera is a super sleek, inexpensive and a one-time-use camera, making it the perfect carry-along for all your journeys and travel adventures.

Despite being compact and cheap, this camera has all the right features. Each of these attributes helps deliver picture-perfect images of crystal-clear quality. The camera has an impressive ISO range, giving you the flexibility to capture amazing shots in different shooting conditions.

Top three reasons we think you will love this camera
  • The camera features an 800 ISO colour negative film, which flaunts a great exposure latitude. Thanks to this feature, the model is capable of churning out versatile shots. You can shoot in the bright sunlight or low light, and the camera will still deliver consistent results.
  • The film of this camera delivers extra sharp, unsurpassed fine-grain among the 800-speed films. This ensures you have crisp, clear and sharp images even when zoomed in.
  • The Kodak 35mm camera has a simple, easily understandable layout. This means that people across all ages can comfortably use the camera without fumbling with the technicalities.

Shooting and Focusing Performance

The model flaunts a built-in manual flash, which you can use to instantly light up the scene, especially when you require more light. This feature also works well when you have to opt for a fill flash while shooting.

This single-use camera comes pre-loaded with the Kodak Gold ISO-800 speed film. This film delivers not only consistent results but also provides accurate skin-tone reproduction for very natural-looking and raw pictures of people.

Quality and Reliability

The camera is a one-time-use camera, so you cannot expect it to have a sturdy, metal body. It has a polycarbonate body as well as a polycarbonate lens, which keeps the weight of this camera low.

The camera does not have a complex structure as most digital or mirrorless cameras out there. However, it does deliver vibrant and accurate imagery, which makes it well-suited to meet your needs. It has a basic layout, without any complicated features and is apt for a one-time-usage.

Our experts opinion

If you are looking for a simple format, and easily understandable and accessible camera this is a great choice. It is very cost-effective and yet, has the capability to deliver good quality images. Perfect for people across all ages, this camera is also a sound choice for those who don’t like to carry along complex, expensive or bulky photography gear for their holidays. Also, the camera comes from Kodak – which is a reputed brand in the world of photography. So you don’t really need to worry about the image quality either!