Cleaning & Protection

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You've invested in a high-quality camera. You carefully selected the right accessories to suit your photography ambitions. You probably use your camera in many extreme locations as well as in outdoor places. That makes it dirty, and dirty lenses mar videos and photos. Know the best way to clean it to keep it in top shape. LensPen has superior lens cleaning and protection products so your camera produces sharp, clear images adventure after adventure. The LensPen, with its brush and pad, thoroughly cleans your lens. The MicroPro LensPen cleans microcamera lenses, and the MiniPro cleans lenses and is small enough to fit into small digital camera bags. The DigiKlear Pen is for camera and other screens. Lens cloths round out our LensPen line of cleaning products. Protect your investment in your camera by maintaining clean lenses. Check out our lens protection and cleaning products, and keep your action shots clearly amazing. Shop our range of LensPen cleaning and protection accessories today!