It began with Greg Lowe, in his small garage, in a Colorado town near the Rockies.

Mountaineer, photographer, filmmaker and incessant product innovator, Greg developed the internal-frame backpack and the first lightweight and foam-padded nylon cases to protect camera and cinematography equipment from the hazards of climbing.

These ideas and solutions came out of a need to carry valuable gear to new places. Other solutions followed. And today, creating inventive solutions is the hallmark of this brand.

Lowepro has been developing camera bags and cases for over 40 years. Over that time, they have continued to innovate and improve their camera accessories.

A good quality camera bag should be easily accessible but secure, durable and rugged. Of course, you’ll also want to protect your camera and lenses above all else. You get all that and more with a Lowepro camera bag.

Lowepro camera bags and cases are built to withstand the elements and go where you go. Whether you’re travelling to remote locations or bustling cities, a Lowepro case or bag won’t slow you down.

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