Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR Lens

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The Technical Details Behind This Lens

This wide-angle and short telephoto lens from Nikon is known for its versatile features, sleek and compact build and impressive output quality. The lens incorporates a revised optical design, which delivers crystal-clear, chromatically sound images. The imaging capabilities of the lens add to its accurate, fast and precise autofocusing system, which further enhances the image and video output quality.

Compatible with FX-format Nikon F-mount cameras, the lens is also compatible with DX models, wherein it offers an equivalent focal length range of 36-105mm. The lens also features an exceptional image stabilisation system, making handheld shooting a seamless experience.

Top Three Reasons We Think You Will Love The Lens
  • The lens flaunts a specialised electromagnetic aperture, which provides greater exposure control stability. This is particularly beneficial when working with fast continuous shooting rates.
  • Equipped with the Vibration Reduction image stabilisation, the optics helps cut down the appearance of camera shake by up to four stops. This helps to shoot easily when hand-holding as well as in tricky lighting conditions.
  • Individual elements of this lens are coated with Nano Crystal and Super Integrated coatings. These minimise surface as well as internal reflections for a marked reduction in lens flare and ghosting. This coating also protects the lens from dust, smudges and fingerprints and makes it easy and quick to clean up the lens in case it gets dirty.

Sharp and True Imaging

The lens construction features one extra-low dispersion element, along with three aspherical elements. Additionally, you also have two extra-low dispersion glass elements. All of these work in combination to counter chromatic and spherical aberrations, distortion and lens flare.

The lens offers an equivalent focal length of 24 to 70mm, with an aperture range spanning from f/2.8 to f/22. The constant f/2.8 maximum aperture offers consistent performance throughout the zoom range. This is beneficial while working in difficult lighting conditions and also when using selective focus techniques.

Fast Autofocus

Thanks to the presence of the Silent Wave Motor, the lens offers quiet and accurate autofocus performance. Moreover, you also have the internal focusing lens design, which helps maintain the overall length of the lens during use. This feature further adds to the focusing speed of the lens.

The full-time manual focus override allows instant switching between AF and MF focusing systems, merely by rotating the focus ring as per your requirements. Coupled with this is the electromagnetic aperture mechanism integrated into the lens design that provides greater exposure control stability. This is an essential feature, which is of great use, especially when it comes to experimenting with photography.

Our Expert’s Opinion

If you’re looking for a cost-effective lens that is full of exceptional features in a super-compact body, this one from Nikon is simply perfect. This budget-friendly lens is perfect for beginners, courtesy of its tough, easily understandable structure and design. The great part about Nikon’s products is that they meet the requirements of both beginners as well as professionals. This lens isn’t any different, and can be used by anyone who wishes to create magic with their photography!

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