Nikon FSA-L2 DSLR Attachment

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The technical details behind this attachment

Nikon FSA-L2 DSLR Attachment converts an EDG Fieldscope into a powerful telephoto lens for use with an F-mount Nikon DSLR, so you can preserve those breathtaking views you've been enjoying. The FSA-L2 features a bright, crisp, and accurate optical system with fully multi-coated lenses and a 3.5x zoom. This zoom allows you to magnify the scene significantly. With an EDG 85 mm Fieldscope, the system tops out at 35x/1750 mm, while the EDG 65mm scope becomes 28x/1400 mm. When assembled, the focusing is done manually on the spotting scope, and the exposure is set automatically by the camera.

Optical Performance

• Integral 3.5x vari-magnification zoom

• Fully multicoated optics for brighter clearer imagery

• Focal Length: EDG 65mm Fieldscope

- FX: 400 to 1400 mm

- DX: 600 to 2100 mm

Focal length: EDG 85 mm Fieldscope

- FX: 500 to 1750 mm

- DX: 750 to 2625 mm

Use and Handling

• Mounts Nikon EDG Fieldscope to Nikon DSLR cameras

• Manual focusing only via the Fieldscope's knurled focusing ring

• Compatible with Center-Weighted metering in Metered-Manual and Aperture-Priority exposure modes

• While the zoom feature varies the actual focal length and f/stop, the camera's display/image data will read 800 mm @ f/13

• FX-Format/EDG Fieldscope 85/85-A: system vignettes between 500/750 mm

• FX-Format/EDG Fieldscope 65/65-A: system vignettes between 400/600 mm


• Nikon F-mount

• Exterior cosmetics compliment DSLR/Fieldscope's design, colour, form

• Rubberized knurled focusing ring for a sure grip and accurate focusing

Key Features
  • Compatible with Nikon F-Mount DSLRs
  • Mount a DLSR to a Spotting Scope
  • Fits 65mm and 85mm EDG Fieldscopes

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